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  1. Awesome work guys, I think that the winners really did deserve it! Congratulations! You guys did great
  2. Well, I am still alive and this build is something I am still working on, I am just struggling with time and the amount of work I have left to do as well as other things (I am in Madrid tomorrow for instance!!) Today I spent a lot of time on the build, mainly doing cables! Here are the cables I made. A massive thanks to E22.biz for sending me the supplies for this, you are awesome! The orange sleeve is brand new stock for them and obviously will be my favorite! So, First I grabbed all my sleeving supplies, a lot of stuff is currently on loan to people, so i'm using my spare gear!
  3. Thanks!!, just a very quick pick to show you what I have done today! you can start seeing what I am going to be doing with the second case! Apologies for the lack of quality, It was taken on my mobile, my camera is packed away ready for a trip to NL to see Peter Brands, Hukkel, Keir DBR and a few others! It's going to be a modders party it seems! (If everyone can make it!!)
  4. So, let's start where we left off. More blue tape. blue tape scares me. it means work. Wait, what!?!?! Yup, blue tape means cutting time ! My thumb has been stopping me using power tools (It really hurts from the vibration) but i popped a few tramadol and got on with it! Boom! after the second cut we get this! I did the same for the back of the case too. and started to put it all back together just using a couple of pins to hold the two bits together for now, I will be filing down both cuts a little better and fixing them together better in the near future.
  5. thanks for the comments folks!!! well, deadline is fast approaching and I have been putting off as much physical work as long as i can on this build to try and rest my hand, but I need to pull my finger out and get it sorted. So, for the case we were given Thermaltake Core X9s' a choice of either one or two! Naturally I took two!! For the first case I just wanted it to hold all the things I want to keep hidden, a full X9 is far too big for this, so let's see what we can do! So these cases are huge! They can fit multiple fans and set ups in them this is the outer packaging. It took
  6. So today's job was getting the mobo and RAM ready. Again, massive thanks to AVEXIR and ASUS for these goodies! So First the RAM. First I took the RAM apart, obviously I wouldn't recommend this as it's not the easiest thing to do and it does void the warranty (I imagine) I also managed to peel all of the metal plates from the side of the RAM. This took a lot of patience, these plates are made out of thin metal, so too much pressure and they bend easily. Next up its a coating of primer for all of the removed parts. Then a lot of niiiiiice orange. and t
  7. So, lets finally do a little bit of modding ay? First up its the GPU's!!! I am going back to my roots, White and Orange, YAY!!! The new Tt waterblocks for the ASUS 970 Strix are white acrylic with a black plate. I would have loved to have shown you them, but like an idiot, i didn't realise my camera was set up completely wrong until after i'd started to spray things. OOOOPs This is the only picture that is even worth looking at for now =( These are the black metal plates that are attached to the acrylic. I unscrewed them and put them in a professional spray booth (totally
  8. Sorry its been a while (yet again) but I am apparently "fit for work" now so I've been back at work a lot. Booooo! It does mean that my thumb is getting better though so I can actually start some modding. First though, a huge thanks to for sponsoring me yet again! You guys are awesome <3 So for this build I decided to go X99 and take the Sabertooth. I do love the armor on these bad boys! Hiding the IO panel is always nice too and as you can see, there are a plenty of options directly from the mobo. Those who are not familiar with TUF boards, basically they ha
  9. My hand is still in a cast so I still can't do any serious modding (boooooo) so I'm afraid it's more product pictures for now! Oh, and a Tt dude story. Woooohoooo i gained a parcel today from the awesome people at Newegg! A massive thank you for letting us have a very handsome budget I got to choose some really nice hardware. As ASUS sponsor me I already had a Mobo, so I was able to splash out on a nice bit of Hardware. I took 2 1TB Samsung SSDs a 250gb SSD a 5820k and 2 ASUS 970 Strix! The SSDs! I usually use HyperX drives in all my builds, but they were a little more expe
  10. I need to have a bit of an overclocking session, but not bad for stock at all
  11. I have just done a very quick video guide for you about this dude Apologies it's not very professional its 3.10 am here
  12. Cheers folks!!! sorry it took me so long to pop back on here I have hardly been at home due to events, weddings (where I was best man) and then hangovers haha So I got an awesome parcel through from AVEXIR. Now a little bit of a back-story here, just to show how awesome AVEXIR were when I asked for their DDR4. Currently, they only have red and black on their website, yet they let me have some special black and white memory that isn't for sale yet it looks gorgeous! So, the box is rather nice and sleek, simplistic and protects the product well. Oh Great, Jay is here, ridi
  13. wooohoooooo! Well, I had a parcel arrive today so I can finally start my build log! YAY! I will edit this post later with sponsor logos and such, but i just wanted to get the ball rolling! So, without further to do!! This is my box, there are many like it but this one is mine. My box is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. Without me it is useless, without my box I am useless. Inside the box was lots of stuff... I mean... Crazy amounts!! so much it wouldn't all fit on my table and it will take me a few days to go through it all!!
  14. Probably Ron tbh! some fantastic builds under his belt and some amazing paint work!!! I will try my best though and good luck to all the other modders!
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