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  1. I have done done so in PM. Please make it STOP. Tt DPS G App_Global_Ver3.2.0 downloads and attempts to install but fails. If I reinstall Tt DPS G App_Global_Ver3.1.9 it attempts to install 3.2.0 and fails ad nauseam. 3.2.0 is NOT on the website, do you have a link to it?
  2. That did the install fine. But no stats to website. I'll look at the site later to see if any changes.
  3. DPS G 3.1.9 will not install, it freezes before finishing. It changes DPS G 3.1.8 to the point of not finding it when Windows 10 starts. Reinstall DPS G 3.1.8 and auto update to 3.1.9 starts and freezes - again & again & again. Also it has NOT updated the DPS G website with my information in a year.
  4. Please make the "Light Mode" a drop down box so that each mode doesn't have to run till I get to the mode I want. With so many modes to cycle through it has become a pain. jmho
  5. The NEW latest update 1.2.6 (1-8-19) installs but doesn't run. It loads then fails to run, same as 1.2.53. Here is a question for you, how can 1.2.6 be newer than 1.2.53? 6 is less than 53. 60 would be newer. The numbers are not decimal as in mathematics.
  6. MY PSU hasn't updated in over 2 months (since the last update), I finally uninstalled the program. Why keep going to the site to look when nothing is happening. Windows 10 64 bit 1809 No easy way to get the SN but here it is (PSTPI1050F2FDPU1AV000092)
  7. The latest update 1.2.53 (12-28-18) installs but doesn't run. ####
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