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  1. Tomorrow there will be the Final Pictures Here the switch for the eyes of the Gargoyle. And the finished Gargoyle. Because of the long drying times, I had already considered that it will not be finished in time.
  2. There is still a lot to do, but there is an end in sight =) The Gargoyle got metal plates under its feet, so that it can be fixed to the platform with magnets, even if it has enough weight. Apart from that I am still doing little things here and there, such as covering the edges of the doors so you can't see the connection from the EVA to the glass. The platform of the Gargoyle remains open at the back to allow good air circulation.
  3. nly one more week and still there is a lot to do. First I finished the GPU mount and installed it. Then it was the turn of the Hartubes. It cost me some nerves, because it is the first time that I have worked completely without contra-angles. But I think it is quite good for that =) What's still outstanding is finishing the top with the gargoyle on top and the cable management. Here a short video how it looks like at the moment
  4. The Plextor SSD has got a hard PVC cover, but you won't see it anymore because of the GPU bracket. At the Gargoyle it went a bit further. The drying times of the papier-mâché are really long, especially in thicker places. Then I built a bracket for the controller made of sheet steel, EVA foam and magnets on the back. I'm already working hard on the GPU bracket. The formable EVA also needs 2 days to dry on thicker areas before I can sand it. Otherwise I had to solder connections for the LED Stripes on the case bottom.
  5. A small update only, but the cable extensions are ready. If the GPU stays this way or is installed vertically I still have to try.
  6. The feet have been finished for a while, here are the pictures. The hardware is finally here. After waiting to be back from vacation, I could finally get started. Besides the hardware, I also adapted the back of the case to the theme. I ordered a water cooler for the GPU, I hope it fits. The days I will finally sit down at the Cable Extensions, see what color it will be, had ordered several for me to choose from.
  7. I have to fix the upper cover with magnets, otherwise it would slide on the sides. So that these are not so visible, they have also got a little bit of color. After I finally decided on a project name, there was also the matching lettering. Then I have changed and optically modified a few details of the PSU cover. And the days also came my rest of the diffusion foil. I had to order some more, because I dropped a wooden angle on the glued part and then there was a hole in the foil. A few LED stripes were also came the days, i had not enough The Gargoyle finally has his eyes, now I just have to model the face properly to make him look pretty evil. But there is still a lot to be done about this. And last but not least, my cat didn't want me to go on modding and wanted to get his belly scratched XD
  8. After the first time I got the EVA foam pulled crooked and I could not straighten it anymore (the pattern of the wall was totally crooked), I had to make the upper part and the right part completely new. But as you can see, it worked out From behind i glued diffusion foil. At the upper part I used four magnets to prevent it from falling or slipping. I also work the visible edges with foam clay, after hardening it can be treated like normal eva foam.
  9. Next was the side window. After I had glued the EVA Foam, I applied diffusion foil from the back and cut it to size. I also had unpacked and connected the power supply once, looks really great with the RGB lighting! Otherwise I started to cut the PSU cover and some other parts to cover the radiators. The parts will later be covered from the outside with EVA foam in wall look. For the right distance from Plexi to the radiator I simply used spacers.
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