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  1. Some more progress shots, items used for Ice and text based GIFs
  2. Fans, fans and more fans...... we all have them and need them even when watercooling, so adding some extra Tt Triio fans to the CPU and DDR display was a must. even though I have spent a lot more time on the other GIFs, this to me is one of the best, more on this later.
  3. I wont post a load of videos, but here is some screen shots of all the ball videos I did before then editing, I was not happy with the results so this GIF was scrapped due to time being an issue. I might continue it later though and share with anyone that might want them.
  4. Film set sorted, then lots of editing to add some more effects.
  5. So this has been more challenging than I though but always fun to try something new so thanks to Tt for the invite. I will finish of this progress log then get the finals posted asap. Things used for this project were, 3D printing, RGB and LED lighting, fake snow, jars, water, mobile phone/tablet, fans, balls, ice, photoshop and a couple of video editors. Starting of with one of my favourites, the fake snow Part of the same GIF theme needed some 3D printing. They also needed some RGB lighting so as I have a couple of TT RGB strips and controllers I was sorted. My movie set, ready to be covered with the fake snow after adding the letters and blocking of unwanted light with some foil.
  6. Great job with the animations, I was going to try a crash course in animation myself but glad I didn't now because they would suck compared to yours lol
  7. The Floe RC Ultra 240 CPU & Memory AIO Liquid Cooler, along with the DDR4 has now arrived. Looking forward to plugging them in and seeing them beautiful screens light up for the first time
  8. Thanks mate, big fan of the MGS games so lots of fun doing this mod
  9. Lastly the video of all my ToughRAM and the Sword. Has been a fun project that I will keep on my wall for years to come , Good luck to all my fellow modders, some great mods, will be a hard task for the judges.
  10. Now for the final and main part of my ToughRAM entry, this was fun to make as its something im interested in. Thanks again to Thermaltake, EL wire&tape and Tt Andy for all his hard work
  11. Now for a group shot of all 3 so far, taken outside so they can ben seen better in daylight.
  12. This is one I just had to do, couldn't keep the TT logo but they did get a toughRAM mention from the colonel Apart from the FOX HOUND DDR, all the modded ram only has around 1mm thickness added so it can be used, the FOX HOUND is around 4mm thick but can be used in the last slot.
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