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  1. Thanks mate, big fan of the MGS games so lots of fun doing this mod
  2. Lastly the video of all my ToughRAM and the Sword. Has been a fun project that I will keep on my wall for years to come , Good luck to all my fellow modders, some great mods, will be a hard task for the judges.
  3. Now for the final and main part of my ToughRAM entry, this was fun to make as its something im interested in. Thanks again to Thermaltake, EL wire&tape and Tt Andy for all his hard work
  4. Now for a group shot of all 3 so far, taken outside so they can ben seen better in daylight.
  5. This is one I just had to do, couldn't keep the TT logo but they did get a toughRAM mention from the colonel Apart from the FOX HOUND DDR, all the modded ram only has around 1mm thickness added so it can be used, the FOX HOUND is around 4mm thick but can be used in the last slot.
  6. For the second stick I went with Grey Fox, again keeping the main TT logo unlike the next stick of DDR, but im sure Tt will forgive me Grey Fox
  7. Now completed, lets get them final MOD photos for this years Thermaltake ToughRAM MOD 2021 s01 posted In total we was sent 4 sticks of DDR4 to mod, I have decided to mod them all with the same Theme "MGS" but all are different, Its RGBB, lets start with the Red one, FOX HOUND special force group! FOX HOUND SFG Hard to tell on the photos but its golden chrome with red and white lighting, hopefully the video will show this better
  8. The second prop is Solid Snakes eye patch, again this is a file you can download and make yourself. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2840933 Looks great with the LED added. Made from Resin 3d printed, painted and then added the wires, battery, switch and LED to finish it off. Again, this is a prop for my video and not part of the main MOD competition that's purely to MOD the ToughRAM.
  9. Along with the main DDR mods I also made some other bits from the game for my own display as a collector, they also will help with the final photos and video as props. Once this comp is over they'll all be on display together with my other Metal gear collector bits. I take no credit for the original 3d design of the props, unlike everything else that was designed from scratch by myself, the Grey Fox helmet is from Do3d and is a paid product, you obviously have to put the work in to finishing it though. https://www.do3d.com/product-page/gray-fox-metal-gear-cyborg-ninjas-helmet-3d-model-project-1033 this is a mix of two helmets I printed, the first was too thin and my daughter dropped it so I has to make a second, but this time it was thicker and with 100% infill so its SOLID, you could say very TOUGH
  10. lol love the vid and the RAM, GJ mate! P.S IM BATMAN!
  11. The RAM looks great! Its really hard to think of things to do to DDR, I must have spend 2 weeks just thinking lol
  12. I was also sent some new 1mm wire for this and future projects, love this stuff! Following on from the last post about stands, the sword also needed a stand due to the size and shape, so this is the main stand, back lit with LEDs as I didnt have the EL tape when I started Would have been a better option for sure. I did a couple of designs, this one was the first but I changed it slightly as you will notice Spent some time working on a TT logo for the stand, I love how this is very 3 dimensional and can be seen from both sides. Useful as both sides of the sword as slightly different. I have since decided to remove the TOKUGAWA logo from the front of the stand as I feel I had plenty of text on parts of the MOD so didn't want to over do it.
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