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  1. Ok the wait is over! I will now spam you with the final photos, hope its been worth the wait.
  2. Been full speed ahead this past week, the build is complete but I have some progress photos to get uploaded before I work on the finals for you guys. Both sides have the same custom made fan covers, made as part of the structure. They was also given the same paint treatment as the other main parts, so lots of work involved to get the perfect finish. The waterblock arrived recently, as this was the last part I was waiting for it made my day once the loop was completed I could make some covers and tidy-up the inside of the case. I did a couple of logos including my own but wont be using them all. Testing the arms strength, only the Nvidia 2080 needed some carefully placed screws to ensure it didn't drop.
  3. The last time you will have seen the base the black base-coat was down, then I sanded, sanded and sanded, possibly 2 or 3 days spent sanding the base and the arms. every layer of paint has to be perfect or the end result will be ####. Once all that hard work was done I stayed in the shed as the weather had dropped to -1c in the paint tent, so I got myself a new heater and continued with the gloss top coat, this was done in 3 stages to ensure it had a nice thick coat to make it super resistant to possible bangs and scratched should this end up at a show. Although I had my shed done up like a Dexter kill room, a daddy long legs decided to drop in and stick around lol The sides had lots of orange peal, I was aware of this problem as I painted but needed it to be very thick. The base was not too bad as its flat, but still needed sanding one last time to make it 100% flat and get rid of the daddy long legs. This is how it all looks when fully sanded flat. Next stage is the fine wet sand and polish, I didn't take many photos as it was too messy.
  4. Very happy to be using the Nvidia RTX 2080 in JARVIS, this will be obviously be watercooled to make use of all my Tt cooling Prior to the GPU arriving I did a test on all the lighting and other components, problems with the MB so I bought another. Should be good to go now, only the GPU to be added in to the loop along with some internal panels to cover the wires and other parts I want hidden to help keep it clean looking.
  5. The edge panels for the lv20 case are very easy to remove making it easier for me to paint, sanded down the original plastic, primed and a basecoat of black before quickly adding some clear on the top. This finish looks great as is, but once its hard and been sanded you get a very smooth finish that's even better to see in person. after some sanding prior to buffing Once buffed they look great, even as gloss black but im wanting to go with a dark chrome with the dark chrome they really help the centre panel pop.
  6. New design for the top of the case with the added keyboard, case stripped and modded a bit to allow for all the lighting another other things. Black primer now completed on all the parts, base black in progress and will be followed by the other paints asap.
  7. It's full steam ahead now all my parts are/have confirmed/arrived. This is the 3rd primer getting put down on the main frame for JARVIS, the first was MDF/wood sealers then grey primers and now the black primer, this will all be sanded down for the 3rd time, followed by a black base (mat), some gloss on top of that, then silvers and chromes. Link to FB Video -
  8. The fan covers for both the sides are now printed and most the pre work completed. Some more filling and sanding needed but they will soon be ready for the base colours and top coats. Doing the paint right, using high quality car paints for the bulk of the build, some parts will have some airbrush work on top of the main paint. Some more parts for the build have arrived, x2 pacific r22 reservoirs. Unfortunately the water cooling might look a little overkill for the build due to problems getting hold of a GPU waterblock, so I might reduce the amount of RADs & pumps used down from x2 to just 1 each and use the spares are props Still getting very bad weather in the UK and all my painting has to be done outside, so I have built up a temporary canopy, its surviving at the moment but can be a problem on windy days lol.
  9. Here's some photos showing the arms im still working on sanding, can't wait to be done sanding as my arms and fingers hurt bad The arms are very big fully extended but will fit nicely in place once bent to the correct angles needed for the parts they will be holding. The wood filling is also nearly done and I will be priming the arms soon, had a spot of bad weather so I have invested in a rather large tent to use as a temporary paint shop. Some of the 3D prints need filling also, a couple of my first ones didn't go to plan but I improved as I went along by tweaking the settings, all part of the fun with 3d Printing. I will have x4 of these arm parts, they will be the main parts holding the robot arms to the frame but allowing for movement so I can position them and change position without much trouble.
  10. This is all over the net and not one mention that you stole the whole thing from me, (but did a worse job) i helped you and you and this is how you act. Shame on you! You give modders a bad name.
  11. The moving metal panels on the side of the gantry are also 3D printed, along with all the other parts I have spent 100s of hours planning, designing and working on the 3D renders/ then converting to usable print files, starting with smaller or lower resolution prints to check they look the part and function as intended before printing the higher quality versions at full size. So this is the parts that will attach to the main gantry arms on both sides, so im making double but the design and shape will be different per side. Depending on what the weather is like, I swap between painting, sanding and the printing. So moving back to the base, this needs a lots of finishing like the 3D prints, because it will be painted with high gloss paints (2K) the primer and base need to be PERFECT or all the gaps, bumps and other imperfections would show. Glued, nailed and some screws are used to hold the base together, all them need to be as flat as possible, any that stick out slightly are sanded and filled, then the wood base paint is applied over the MDF sealer. This is the first grey primer of many, in total it will have around 4 full coats that will all be sanded back and left to dry for a week.
  12. Taken a break from modding due to a recent family bereavement, during this time some more parts have arrived so I will start by updating the log with the items and intentions for them. Over the next week I will post some more of the build progress. Thanks to my new sponsors ADATA and EL Wire&Tape for sending me some cool bits for the build. https://elpanelandtape.co.uk/ have provided parts for other projects in the past so very happy they are on-board as I know the quality cant be beaten. EL tape for some logos and case feet, along with some splitters and the power brick to run them all. ADATA provided the SX8200 M.2 card for the main boot device and a SSD.
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