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  1. Glad to help, any question, please let us know. Thanks again~
  2. My apologizes, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fQvJSoUR0D7niR_Yyms4c55g97TzAf8d/view?usp=sharing
  3. Please try this FW reset tool, simply plug-in the Miku Iris mouse, and open the reset tool. Thank you
  4. Hi, have you tried resetting the mouse via software? There's a reset button on top right part of the software interface. Thanks
  5. Hello, good day. Neros RGB button functions are fixed. There's no driver for this mouse. Thank you
  6. Hi may I ask which Commander gaming gear combo you are referring to? please let me know the full product name. Thank you
  7. Got the log file. We are working on it, will let you know ASAP. Thanks again
  8. Hello, we may need your help to provide the log file so we can analyze this problem. Please open the software, and after it closes on its' own, follow below steps to get the log file and send it to us. Thank you - Open the hidden folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Tt\TT_PREMIUM_X1, and check the log file TT iTake Engine_Log.txt. Please send this .txt file to me. My email: stephen.chiang@ttesports.com
  9. Hi, ok, understood. I will look into this matter and get back to you ASAP. Thanks
  10. Hello, can you please try reinstall the software again? thanks
  11. Hello, what seems to be the problem with Command Pro Center? Can you open software? Thanks
  12. hello, did you hit "Apply" after customizing the lighting effects on the iTAKE software? thx
  13. Hi may I ask which model is it? thx
  14. Hi did you hit "Apply" on the software menu? thx
  15. Hello, which keyboard are you using for the itake software? and did you hit "Apply" on the software lighting setup menu? thx
  16. Hi what's the Challenger model full name? thx
  17. Hi, may I ask which Challenger model ? Thx
  18. Hi, I'm sorry but Poseidon Z is an old model, and it is also an EOL (End of Life) model. We no longer sell this keyboard. Thanks
  19. Hi, we are looking into this matter now. Will keep you updated ASAP. Thanks
  20. Hi, apologize for the late reply. I think the K100 keyboard might be broken, the "a" and "3" keys don't work properly. Is it possible for you to return the keyboard to the store you purchased from and exchange it with a new one? Thanks
  21. Hi, may I ask which Thermaltake software are you using? Thanks
  22. May I ask which mouse you are referring to? thanks
  23. Hello, it might be caused by a bad USB connector. I suggest you can get a refund or exchange for a new one. Thanks
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