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  1. this video has the setup of different devices with TT RGB PLUS If your still having issues, can you post a screen shot of the software loading on your PC so we can see the setup and config
  2. I am trying to find a way to turn off the warning pop up all together. Its not needed.
  3. Do you have monitoring software or Aida64 installed. If so I am getting the error coming up and if I uninstall Aida64 I don't get the error. Could be something to do with monitoring sensors I think.
  4. Thermaltake where really good and sent me a replacement fan with in days. Thanks Thermaltake. But, I am still getting the same controller error.
  5. Looks like it might have been a fans LED,s going bad. They are all gone a more the half the fan. Contacted Thermaltake for replacement now. Hope this fixes it. Hope this helps someone else troubleshoot the same problem.
  6. Better join in since I just finished most the little things finally in my build. This is my Thermaltake P5 Aorus build Specs : Hardware - i7-8700k - OC to 4.8 Aorus ATC700 cpu cooler Aorus Ultra gaming 2.0 motherboard Nvidia RTX 2080 32g 3200mhz G.skill Trident ram Thermaltake 850w Gold power supply Samsung 256 960 evo (OS drive) Intel optane 32g matched to 8TB Seagate archive drive 128 Toshiba SSD 1TB Blue and 250g Green western digital M.2 SSD fitted to NGFF boards Custom lighting - Over 350 LED's, Lian li Strimer 24 and 8 pin, optic fiber lighting (lighting around motherboard and NFCC boards), custom infinity mirror power cable cover, and Thermaltake 3D printer fan bracket for rear top fan, Goverlay info screen, built bottom cover, Aorus SSD cover and Custom SSD cover made by JMMods (if you need custom backplates, covers and other things google the name and check out his website and youtube, inspired me to build my cable cover, does good work). sorry if the photos are not that great Thanks for having a look.
  7. The same issue has returned. Only change that has been made is the install of AIDA64 extreme.
  8. Im running a ATC700 for over a year now on a 8700k OC to 4.8. Have had no problems with it so far. It is very large so check that it will fit your case. It will also go over one of your ram slots too. It covers one of the slots on my Aorus ultra gaming motherboard, so I would say it will do the same on the gaming 7. The RGB fusion software is not the best sometimes. But you can get it working ok. I found a picture of my PC in its early build stage, You can see how it covers the ram slot and how large the cooler is.
  9. Have updated to 1.2.4 this morning, and looking good so far. No error yet. Will continue to test, but is looking good so far.
  10. got the controller today. Problem still happing. It is the software. Have tried on different motherboard too. same result.
  11. Hi Tack, Thanks for your reply. I have tried enabling PWN. No change, still getting the Warning Controller No.1 Thanks
  12. Hi Tack, Thanks for your reply. I have applied the latest version, and I am still getting the same problem. Thanks
  13. Thanks for your reply Tack, I have tried what you have written above and I am still getting the same error. The Temp reading is working again. But still getting the same Warning Controller No.1 error and the PC still does not going into standby/sleep Thanks
  14. Hello all, I updated my TT RGB Plus software the other day to version V 1.2.220 released : 18/09/04 Every since then I keep getting the following warning - Warning Controller No.1 error. This will come up anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes after startup. If I close the warning it will return after 5 minutes. All cable and plugs checked, everything the same setting and layout before update. Have tried uninstall and reinstall multiple times. It also seems like the Temp reading in the software is not working too, just says 0 degrees C. If I watch the fans, they are not affected in anyway, still running, Lighting still working with no drop out at all. Is getting annoying as you can be playing a game or watch a movie and the warning pops up and alts tabs your game out to the warning. This is for : Riing Plus 14 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition (5 Fan Pack) Aorus z370 Ultra gaming motherboard, i7-8700k Side question, my PC does not go into automatic standby that I have set for 2 hours ever since installing the software months ago. Like the software keeps it active. Thanks
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