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  1. It's not the configuration - it's the wrong airflow 

    Just make sure the number of blowers (intake) is the same as the suckers (exhaust) while suckers can be more.  Warm air is going up hence suckers in the roof/top.

  2. On 1/28/2022 at 1:19 AM, NonStopZA said:



    However, I am thinking about going vertical mount on the GPU, I'd appreciate any advice on this (I am aware that this will push up GPU temp, but since my GPU generally runs cooler than my CPU, I think it should balance things out) ...

    The TT Website doesn't really give me many clues, so far as I can tell the best cable for my View 71 would be the 300mm 16x Premium Riser Cable PCI-E 3 (PN AC-045-CN1OTN-C1) … is that correct cable? I am running a 2080 Super so I am not worried about PCI-E 4  (the 2080 has plenty of grunt for Outlook).





    I never was interested in vertical mount since this position got no active cooling while the slot mount provides air from 2 (intake) bottom fans . 

  3. 12 hours ago, NonStopZA said:


    So far so good, the machine is running about 5c cooler than it was... and we are having some high ambient temps at the moment.

    5C could be better - make sure the airflow is throughout the case hence same number of extractors and intake fans

  4. 6 hours ago, NonStopZA said:

    Hi There,

    ...So, I upgraded to a 420mm Capellix AIO, replaced the TT case fans with 3 x 140MM and added 5 x 120MM. I threw in 4 LED strips for good measure...




    Wow, whata glitter box and I hope it's not an oven

  5. 18 minutes ago, MUnitoon said:

    n the meantime, here's the build - older hardware but still gets the job done, just wanted a little face lift.

    Real Neat built indeed but watch temperatures in summer all depending on where you are located. The air feed for the GPU can be  a problem hence I never thought about GPU vertical mount.

  6. 31 minutes ago, robyevolution said:

    I saw the manual and 420 radiators are compatible, I wanted to know if it was possible to mount 2 420 radiators at the same time.

    If I recall right you have to remove the disk cage if installing inside to make room for a 420 but you can mount from outside (under glass) too - your not living in the Sahara by any chance? I live in a hot place (Australia) and one 360 (top mount) is fully sufficient.

    The 420 AIO is a "half height" radiator. Just make sure those long rads/fans are air extractors and watch the liquid hose/tube run to fit properly.


  7. 7 hours ago, robyevolution said:

    hello, do you think I could mount 2 420 radiators? one on top and the other to the right of the motherboard?
    the radiators are CL-W193-CU00BL-A

    Consult your case manual as it will tell what max sizes will fit

  8. just use what fits your purpose and be creative when mounting - those fans are all low speed fans hence no noteworthy torsion force on the screws. Just make sure there is nuf negative pressure in the case to remove the (hot) air b4 you get an hot air oven :)


    be well..

  9. For the time being you can even use double sided stick tape to fix the fans on the case floor



    Because of Covid, I'm not free to visit a hardware store (man, that makes nearly everything more difficult).

    you must be living in the wrong country :)

  10. 20 minutes ago, coyote said:

    What kind of fan mounts will work to attach fans on the inside-bottom of the case?  Are those ventilation holes too big to work with rubber fan mounts?  (I plan to add a couple 120mm fans down there.)

     if you use TT (led) fans rubber footers/mounts are provided hence any fitting wood/machine flat head screw, from your hardware market, will do nicely

  11. 6 hours ago, coyote said:

    That's interesting, View71.  The testing I saw that showed no advantage was 'noise-normalized'.  Maybe you're right that the extra fan/motor on a 360mm will deliver higher maximum cooling/noise.  Thankfully I don't think I need either.

    Though I am looking forward to seeing how Ice Giant's future thermosiphon maximized for AM4 compared, though.  While I like that AIOs don't block RAM slots, the small chance of leaks makes me nervous.

    Yep, I had the same concern when installing my first TT360 AIO but so far never saw any leakage even after 2 years of operation.

  12. 13 minutes ago, Rapt0r_GT said:

    View71, do you use a threadripper? I know TT rgb changed how it reports Threadripper temps in 1.3.7 and above(as seen in my previous replies). So I think that is interesting, maybe that change has affected you somehow if 1.3.6 (and below?) work for you?🤷‍♂️ (BTW hi fellow View71 owner)

    Also I just noticed I never linked to my thread I made before finding this one, just in case anyone here isn't aware of it. One of the mods replied with a test version called 1.3.802 prior to 1.3.8 release. I don't know if it is any different to 1.3.8 full release but if your having trouble with 1.3.8 it might be worth a try. I am still using 1.3.802 with no problems on my 1920X system.  No version between 1.2.8 - 1.3.7 works for me. Because .802 works I haven't been game to update. :) 


    no I never had a TR system hence I can not assist - all I can do is advise keep a copy of the working TT software and if you set back make sure to delete/check  the TT folder shown below:

    This folder may be still there after uninstall hence can interfere with different software versions. I am not into modding stuff just after the easiest way back :)



  13. 1 hour ago, coyote said:

    Thank you very much for your reply, View71!



    On a tangent, while I'd prefer a 420mm:
    While a 360mm has 10% more surface area (4,320sq-cm vs. 3,920sq-cm) that a 280mm, in the tests I've seen they're within margin of error, which I saw attributed to the larger fan size being more efficient.

    Yes, 10 % more surface but 1 more fan to cool the 360 radiator (under load) hence less spin speed required

    Frisco is not that hot like here in Brisbane Australia where summer (room) temps can climb to ~40 Celsius (without aircon)

    hence a 360 (3 fans!) would be fully sufficient for your location radiator fans never to be heard even under load.

  14. 49 minutes ago, coyote said:

    Has anyone installed a radiator in the Core V71's removable top section?



    I'm thinking of a 280mm NZXT Kraken X63.


    It seems like one might fit in the removable section if the hoses are positioned conveniently (which I'm hopeful they are if an X62 photo I found is relevant, but I can't tell from NZXT's X63 pictures).


    Has anyone tested whether if a radiator is at the top of the steel section, it's thermally beneficial/detrimental to also have fans above it in the removable top section?


    I have an TT AIO 360 in the top section but be aware this device is installed inside the case (hanging install) and not on top of the steel frame. Depending on your summer room temperatures the 280 might be nuf even the 2 fan version will be noisier than a 360 AIO.

    No need to put additional fans on top .. just make sure there is nuf air feed throughout the case

  15. 2 hours ago, JaredB said:

    Hi All,


    Just a quick question, does anyone know where we can source new glass doors from? Had a small accident and unfortunately the main door, view into the mobo, has been shattered. :(

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    contact a local glass repair business and ask them since you still have a good door hence they can take it as a template. should not be a complicated matter.

  16. 55 minutes ago, EIcEDoNUT said:

    It is only this one panel. I am hoping TT will replace the TG panel for me. Or does any one know if you can flip the back and front panels. I wouldn't mind as much if this panel was on the back side where I wouldn't remove as much.

    sounds like a breakage replacement then - you don't mean the hole alignment? if so just tilt the door a bit and it snaps in.

    ...What back panel? .. there is no back panel just front/sides/top is glass

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