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  1. 12 hours ago, sono said:

    .... around to doing this yesterday. Under CPU-Z stress test, i7700k overclocked to 5GHz runs stable to just under 75C now.. see CPU-Z and HWMonitor screenshot taken together.....

    Your Temp LOoks like a bit on the high side and 5GHz? Your reference score suggests you are close to 4.2 speed/performance

    This is my score below and CPU temperature ~60C is more reasonable than yours. Usually people with such high temps forgot to remove the very thin foil from the copper head/surface.



  2. You use the original backplate which came with your mobo? - this is important!

    No worries when the backplate fits loose.. once you mount the cooler head the mount pressure, when fastening the 4 screws, will pull it tight in place.If there is contact with solder pins use tape to isolate the standoff where needed



  3. It is fairly simple to unmount the cooler head (4 screws) then remove/clean the old paste from both sides and apply a small blob new paste on the CPU - mount the cooler and that's it.. should not take any more than 30 minutes. No need to remove the CPU from its socket!

    Check the case fans and airways/filters too and remove dust mats if needed.


  4. 3 hours ago, Wallmonster said:

    Disappointing but not surprising. It's the Taiwanese way. I spent four years as a product manager in Taiwan, only took a week to understand the cultural barriers that make situations like this so difficult to resolve. Cannot solve a problem because acknowledging that there is a problem might cause someone to lose "face". Overuse of the word impossible is also a problem resolving this issue. Very difficult and impossible are not synonyms. This issue could have been solved many times in the 8 months since this thread started. Instead they gave up immediately and started the default Taiwanese customer service game of "can't you just accept it". Customer service tip for Thermaltake, you cannot ever tell your customers "no" or "you cannot help them". You cannot make your problem the customers problem. Say "we are working on a solution" and then work to ensure that your customer are satisfied.


    "Lose Face" faith should not be in any customer service environment - end of story, no matter which country!
    Instead, they even admit being too uneducated (read dumb) to fix an issue by saying/asking "too difficult or can't you just accept it?" - Is that really Asian logic of "saving face/honor?" (sigh)

    However, the real problem is much deeper than that as other companies like MS, Google, Apple have a #### of a time to QA their products... instead the common attitude out there is to throw beta code at the customers and see what customers/users find out. Especially MS had a painfully steep corporate learning with that approach.

    The smartness/logic of software companies creating a $1000 software package BuT it cost them $2000 to fix all bugs involved... must be an modern world thing and it's good coz they don't need to hire expensive competent staff.

    Cat chasing tail? sure is!


  5. 4 hours ago, Eyo Sama said:

    I've been waiting for an answer in vain. It's ridiculous to have a utility that is supposed to help you manage heat in your system actually being the highest generator of heat. At this point I've simply been yanking the app out of ram, which is a shame.

    The Floe can manage the CPU heat without the software running .... it's mostly for the light effects

  6. 58 minutes ago, godevskii said:

    @View71you just need to take your time tying the cables before they get to the back in a big bundle, i shortened the fan cables tying them along side of the fans so they have no more nor less length then what they need to get to the splitter, there's actually very good places to put hidden splitters on this case.

    Overall it's still a bit messy on the back, but considering the amount of stuff that i have and using extensions and not fully custom cables i guess it's OK and can't get much better than this. I'm very happy with the case despite having to do a couple hard mods.


    My case is in a small corner flanked by the desk and paper/printer rack - no one can see that mess ... all good! :)

  7. Yes, the RPM adjust to the actual CPU temperature - in your case 40C the pump should run ~1300 rpm idle and under stress go up to ~1700 which usually is sufficient to keep the stressed CPU under 70C all provided your in-case temperature is no more than 5C higher than room temperature.   

    Perhaps post a screenshot of TT RGB plus - lets see what's the temp display is there?

  8. 5 hours ago, Michelle Peter said:

    thank you for clarification. so fans at both ends of the radiator . alright . wouldn't there be a pressure difference when both the fans run in such a close proximity . ie only the radiator separating them. 

    yes, both sides of the Rad - if you use same type/size/speed of fans there is no problem. However this is usually not necessary when the Rad is large enuf.

  9. 6 minutes ago, jusumoner said:

    Hi guys, i hope yall can help me. I got a question about a radiator support for this case that i own. The radiator support on the right side of the case, like on the panel that house the HDD bay's. On the spec sheet it's only says about 360 or 420 mm rad support. There my question can i put a 240 or 280 in there or only 3 fan rad setup will work. I really think that there no problem in putting a smaller one but i just wanted to make sure before i throw some money. Thanks everyone, have a nice day!

    You can always mount a smaller Rad. no problem but watch the hose length to still fit on the CPU - it can get too short!

  10. 52 minutes ago, Teszty66 said:

    There is no problem with the controller, its that their software is #### and they just did not code support for sleep/wake.

    There is a command they send to the controller when the application starts, all they have to do is listen for sleep/wake events and reinitialize the controller/connection. This is what I do in my app and it works just fine with sleep and hibernate.

    Yes, exactly but I would like to see this hard coded into the controller hence they can't mess with that any more ;)


  11. On 1/24/2019 at 11:05 AM, brian111 said:

    There is currently no way to patch this issue or a workaround that would maintain a constant connection

    The real problem here is the controller is too cheap to (re)start on its own with given/memorized settings - it would cost at most $5.50 to implement such a auto restart function but apparently no way for TT to do this (let alone in a standard Win user account).

    Do they realize that the Floe 360 cost ~$269 in Australia? ... come again?

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