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  1. 49 minutes ago, Eyo Sama said:

    I'm seeing TT RGB Plus consistently using between 8-25% CPU time, and this is on an i7-9700K. Average is around 15%, so you are not alone with this problem.

    I would like to see a resolution to this, otherwise I will be uninstalling it and removing the fans. I am already forced to shut down the App each time I boot up because of the excessive usage.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You can contact support@thermaltake.com directly, IF not already done, and hear whats up.

    Interestingly your TTRGB ram usage is just half of mine .. I wonder this might be the reason for your CPU drain (maybe page file usage due to low memory?)

    BTW, I am on an AMD system

  2. On 12/11/2018 at 11:33 PM, kewlmunky said:

    Thermaltake has a newer power cable for their controllers that have a resistor built in that should fix the issue. If you contact support and give them the serial number of your product(s) they will ship you what you need, free of charge.

    okay, contacted 'em and see how it goes...


    Edit: Another thing I found today - when TTRGB runs on two user accounts concurrently the light-speed doubles even when it's set to normal on both accounts!

  3. 2 hours ago, BretM said:

    Ok saw a video on the 240 which had the same single cable coming from the block.

    Still concerned that I cant tell if the block is running. I hear no noise, cpu temp is around 28 degrees C - 82 degrees F. these temps are with no real load on the system. 3DMark got the cpu temp to over 90 degrees F

    If the pump would not work there would be smoke! - attached my CPU stress test reaching 40C max



  4. 2 minutes ago, ThermalMike said:


    Thanks for the info, I will pass this off to our team to take a look.

    Is there a particular reason why you are not using a admin account on windows?



    The reason I stay away from the admin account? much better (online) security/safety to work as a standard user!

  5. see screenshot!

    IntelBurnTest and LinpackExtreme running concurrently..
    ..and CPU temperature keeps ~40 Celsius while rad fans' speed stays a bit above idle?!

    This is quite a stark contrast compared to 1.2.4 where fans were ~1500rpm heating up the room in a jiffy


    BTW, RGB 125 is not auto starting in standard user accounts (Win10) - only admin account is fine!
    version 124 did not have this problem.




  6. 7 hours ago, Chief_AJ said:

    Yes, I mean in front of the motherboard, in the position where the hard drive cages are. Upon further research, I found that I neglected the ability to mount 3.5 inch drives on the opposite side of the case's motherboard mounting wall/cable management partition (I don't know the formal term for this part). I can mount all 3 of my drives on the left side of the case (looking from the front), and fit the 360mm radiator.


    Okay, experiment with that but keep in mind the small space available, at the backside, will heat up significantly (rad vent)
    The rad's heat dissipation is quite a bit especially under load

    I would not like to have my hdds in that place... just my thought :)

  7. 2 hours ago, LGabrielPhoto said:

    Just uninstall it and get the latest version. That fixed it for me as it kept failing to upgrade

    Uninstall exactly what?

    Edit: Okay, found out there is a new version of RGB Plus

  8. 6 hours ago, Chief_AJ said:

    I just bought a View 71 RGB because of cyber monday sales. It has not yet arrived, but I have some questions. I plan to migrate my build to it, and add water cooling for the processor. Regarding radiator mounts, can a 240mm radiator be mounted to the right of the motherboard, where it says 360mm radiators are supported? I cannot remove the lower HDD cage, because I need to use it. If the 240mm radiator is not supported in that position, where would you recommend mounting a radiator?

    Not sure where is your "right of the mobo" position? (front location or above/behind the cage?)

    I would assume you mean a behind cage mount an that means the cage has to go.. you got a front/top or bottom mount for a rad



  9. Update:

    Okay, this problem is fixed - just today the support guy told me the standoffs fit in the original mobo backplate only!

    Hmm, my Gigabyte mobo (990FX) is 5 years old but I had a look in the retail box and, yes, there was another backplate and everything fits nicely now!

    Okay, begs the question why is there no hint in the installation instructions? This could have saved me 2 weeks hassle with elevated CPU temperatures.
    Now, properly installed, the LinpackXtreme benchmark's CPU temperature is down to ~50 Celsius (from ~60 Celsius b4)

    Perhaps there is room for communication improvements - think about it, TT!




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