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  1. What do you do when you have a 5.25" fan controllers and no 5.25" bays in you case ? The fan controllers are getting ever more popular, even as the 5.25" bays disappear from modern cases. There are heaps of converters, and even SSD brackets, but I seem to be unable to find something that will let me fasten a 5.25" fan controller on a horizontal surface somewhere else in my case. Preferably without looking too bad. I would have to open the side door to get to it, but I don't see that as a problem. It would be nicely visible through the glass side panel. Any ideas ?
  2. Ghia

    Core X9 questions

    Ahh....nice :-) Well, the X299 Dark is 11". Even so, it matters much less in the XT than the GT. What is the actual length of the RAD space up top ? Must decide between 360, 420 and 480mm RAD up there.
  3. Ghia

    Level 20 Series

    " The Level 20 GT features E-ATX motherboard support", but an E-ATX board covers up the wiring grommets totally. Not good. Just wondering if ithis is also the case in the Level 20 XT....even if it will be easier to live with in the XT.
  4. Ghia

    Core X9 questions

    I read on some website that the XT could only accomodate ATX mobos. I see the specs are up on TT website now, and I see they were wrong :-) So XT it is, for me too. Looking forward to pics ! 2x Riing Plus 200mm fans would be nice in front of the XT, but the included RGB controller obviously doesn't work with EVGA motherboards ??
  5. Ghia

    Core X9 questions

    Tnx again :-) Right now I'm in a toss-up between the Core X9 and the new Level 20 GT (the XT doesn't take an E-ATX mobo). Problem is, an E-ATX board in Level 20 GT is vertical and will cover all the cable grommets from the rear, which I don't like.
  6. Ghia

    Core X9 questions

    Thank you, Tack ! Yes, what I see with the X9 is endless possibilities :-) With some quite good USB 3.0 drives out there, I feel I can live without the 5.25" cages. Do you have a build log or something for your X9 ? I'd be very interested to see what you have done regarding fans and radiators/cooling ! I'll be sure to have a look at that new case. The Level 20 XT look a little bit more "modern" than the X9. Not that I need unlimited ammounts of bling, but SOME would be nice. And as long as it can take an EATX mobo, I'm interested. And it has USB 3.1 TypeC, too... I'm in no terrible hurry...still have some bits and pieces to collect, so not ready to build yet.
  7. Ghia

    Core X9 questions

    Hi... Been very happy with my Armor Revo Snow Ed. case for nearly 5 years. Time for a new build ! My case will be the Core X9. I plan to remove the 5.25" drive cages and installing a second 200x 30 mm intake fan in the front. How much room will that steal in the top, radiator-space wise ? Is there still room for 2x 480, or 2x 420 rad in the top ? Tnx :-)
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