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  1. Hello Sir unfortunately, Level 20 XT is no longer available in Canada. But it's still available in other country, like USA. if you have any further concern, feel free to PM me at anytime. James
  2. Nice work and Thanks for all your feedback! We would definitely discuss all the feedback from the users and try to figure out how we could improve our case in the future. Stay tuned! We will have more AWESOME cases coming! Thanks for choosing Thermaltake!
  3. Could you please share some pictures of your built? like how u connect the fans to ARGB switch board and the four-pin headers u mentioned thanks
  4. Hello, Thermaltake does not sell the wall mount kit. you can get any kind of wall mount kit for TV. you could check the dimension of the wall mount kit below. it's from Core P3 TG
  5. "But i'm unable to set the color as i want to." you mean you would like to control the lighting via M/B?
  6. you gotta choose between reboot or lighting control for that "R" button. the cable of the"R" button should be connected to the control board if you would like to control the RGB lighting.
  7. That is for the ARGB control board. u gotta power it up. the ARGB fans need the power to work via that control board. and the control board also allows you to sync the fans with the M/B software,
  8. TT James

    Tower 100?

    Hello Sokonomi Tower 100 is now in the final stage to test the ventilation. we gotta make sure this case have the proper airflow for graphic card and CPU. ETA is hard to tell at this point, but we are targeting late Sep or early Oct. if you are not in rush to built the new system, I would recommend you to wait for the Tower 100. thanks
  9. Could you please take a photo for the cables? thanks James
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