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  1. TT James

    Parts numbers for Thermaltake Core X2 chassis

    Hello, you could contact Thermaltake customer service and let them know which part you are looking for. I am sure they can definitely help you out.
  2. TT James

    Thermaltake Core 9 Custome Build

    WOW! it is AWESOME!!!!
  3. TT James

    Thermaltake view 71 tg rgbfan trouble

    Hello, for View 71 RGB case, the controller does not need to be connected to power supply. just connect it to the M/B. kindly check the below instruction you could find the manual from the URL below https://www.thermaltake.com/products-model_support.aspx?id=C_00003130 hope you enjoy this case, personally, I LOVE it. it's gorgeous!!
  4. TT James

    thermaltake view 90 TG

    hello, i believe you have VIEW 91 case, right? for the type C issue, could you please tell me which motherboard you have? so that we could double check for you there shouldn't have this problem. the type C should be able to reach the M/B. we did a lot of tests before launched. maybe you could try a different way to do the cable management. thanks
  5. hello both P3 and P5 are supported up to ATX M/B(12” x 9.6”). therefore, Gigabyte X99 Ultra gaming motherboard should be fine.
  6. TT James

    View 71 RGB fans not working with TT RGB Plus

    Hi, first, just want to make sure that the view 71 you bought is View 71 RGB plus (kindly check the URL:https://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00003343) there are several versions of View 71 and the only one that supports RGB plus software is View 71 RGB Plus If you do have the View 71 RGB Plus case, then the case fans can sync with the RGB Plus software for sure. make sure you have connected all the cables to the controller correctly. and for the message "Controller can't be found", it might be caused that the cable which connects to the M/B does not connect properly. try to reconnect it and make sure it plugged in properly.
  7. TT James

    view 91 rgb case

    hello, you could find all the further spec from the Thermaltake.com View 91 support twelve 3.5" or 2.5" at front. kindly check the below image for more detail about View 91, kindly check the below URL https://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00003161
  8. hello, there are several ways to do cable management. do not worry about it! there are plenty of spaces for you to manage all the cables. View 71 is a great and beautiful PC case. I am pretty sure you will enjoy it!!!
  9. For CA-1I7-00F1WN-02, it is called View 71 TG RGB Plus and the those come with 140mm fans are called View 71 TG RGB or View 71 TG if you are looking for View 71 RGB Plus which comes with four 120mm fans, you could visit our TT Premium website or I am pretty sure that you could find it on Amazon. hope you will enjoy the View 71 TG RGB Plus case!! personally, I love it very much!! it is gorgeous!
  10. TT James

    Fan Controller V71

    hello you could contact local Thermaltake customer service for further info. thanks
  11. WOW! this case is absolutely gorgeous! thank you to share this legendary model! TRUE LOVE
  12. TT James

    Thermaltake View 91 has reset button?

    Hello TallerBoy21 View 91 does not come with the rest button.
  13. TT James

    How can i connect my RGB Fan Controller to my Mainboard?

    Hello fraidayyy thank you to choose Thermaltake's case. hope you enjoy it. for the RGB fans, you have to connect the female 4 PIN to M/B 12V RGB you could check the manual form our webpage https://www.thermaltake.com/products-model_support.aspx?id=C_00003291 Hope you could light the RGB fans up.
  14. TT James

    Core X5 and EVGA Supernova 750 G2

    Hello maurizio, could you please take a pic of your case? the HDD cage should be okay to put back to the original place after installing the PSU.
  15. TT James

    Thermaltake XASER III LanFire needs your help

    WOW! this case really brings us back to the old day! what a piece of art. wondering where you found this case. actually, the black box you mentioned is not a power supply. that is one kind of adapter. do you have this adapter? if not, unfortunately, you might not be able to light the front panel up.