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  1. Hello, it would be great if you could share your final building with us! V1 is one of the great value case.
  2. Hello James Rose Which case do you have? thanks
  3. Hello frozensun this is James from thermaltake! thanks for choosing View 91. and yes! you're right! you need at least 300mm riser cable for this giant beauty! James
  4. TT James

    Level 20 Series

    Hello Sprookets this is James from thermaltake! thanks for choosing Level 20 XT. that is a beauty case with outstanding view. for the fan controller, we have them at the bottom and stick with the radiator. like below image we believe there are the better place to hide the controller. thanks
  5. Hello GregAMD this is James from Thermaltake Case Team could you please shoot a quick video for me---how do the fans connected on the ARGB control board and "If I unplug the fan in port 1 and plug in a different fan, then that fan lights up." so that I would have better understanding on how's going on and figure out how i could help you with! PM me if there is any further concern. thank you!
  6. Hello PCDesignerRy One question! why do you want to mount the fans at the left side? there is no way in or out for the airflow on that side. the bracket can be installed only on the other side of the case. like to image below welcome to PM me if you still have any concern James
  7. TT James

    Level 20 Series

    Hello MikoRoG unfortunately, we do not have bracket to support vertically mounting the GPU in Level 20 HT. for the original design, there is only one way to mount the GPU-Horizontally. if you would like to mount it vertically, you may have to 3D point by yourself. But, i will forward your request to our R&D department to see if they could have a 3D file for that bracket and upload to our Thermaltake 3D Makers https://3dmakers.thermaltake.com/ thank you for choosing Level 20 HT. that is a HUGE and gorgeous chassis. James
  8. TT James

    Level 20 Series

    Hello we did try to sync our control board and ASUS X570 series M/B, and it worked! our engineers are still testing right now to see if they could figure out the problem. if there is any updates, i will get back to you all. James
  9. Hello JJShepp you're right! View 91 and W100 share the same case body. but i'm not sure what you mean by " Could you mount a view 91 on a W100 pedestal base? " do you want to put View 91 on W100? James
  10. TT James


    Hello PCDesignerRy thanks for choosing Thermaltake chassis. W200 is one of the best choice to build your own system! the internal space is HUGE! and the wheels are removable. James
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