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  1. Hello Hello thanks for choosing View 51 TG ARGB. the ARGB fans come with the case can only control by the msi software. the case ARGB fans can be controlled via either RGB button or motherboards' software. you do not need to install the RGB plus software. Thanks
  2. Hello Hello the lighting can be control by the software for sure. what you gotta to do is to connect the cable between the control board and the motherboard. check the control board to see if the cable is connected already. if it does, u just have to press the RGB button for about 3 seconds to switch the mode to motherboard sync. try this out to see if it works. thanks
  3. Hello Hello thanks for choosing our V250 TG ARGB case for the motherboard sync, there should've the cable in accessory bag for you to connect the control board and the motherboard. thanks
  4. Hello there is liquid cooling installation brackets to support those customers who would like to install the radiator. check the pic belwo
  5. Hello Hello what parts are you looking for your Core X71? James
  6. Hello Hello it's 0.9mm for S300.
  7. Hello Hello which case u hav ? the way u tried is the correct way to remove the front panel for most of the cases. maybe u should just pull harder.
  8. Hello NEW GUY!!!! this is James from Thermaltake. thanks for purchasing Core P8. one of the great choice for DIY liquid cooling... well, air cooling is fine as well. the point is you have the best thermal solution for you system, right, no matter u go for liquid or air cooling. and for your questions, kindly check below 1) depends on which fans and mother board you choose. if you choose 5V addressable RGB fans, u have to choose the motherboard that comes with 3-pin 5V connectors, okay. i would recommend u to choose our fans. there are many kinds of RGB fans which is
  9. Hello Hello MSI Gaming plus max only has 2 12V RGB connectors 2 x 5050 RGB LED strip 12V connectors if there is no 3-pin 5V addressable RGB connector, you cannot sync the ARGB fans from Level 20 MT with the software.
  10. Hello Hello to sync the ARGB fans to the motherboard, you have to make sure the motherboard u hav supports 5V addressable RGB. and there is a cable in accessory bag that can connect between the control board and the motherboard and kindly check the pic below to show you where to connect the cable \ thanks
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