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  1. Thermaltake Level 20 HT Full Tower Chassis URL: Level 20 HT: https://www.thermaltake.com/level-20-ht-chassis.html Level 20 HT Snow Edition: https://www.thermaltake.com/level-20-ht-snow-chassis.html Thermaltake Level 20 HT Full Tower Chassis Distinctive from most cases on the market, the Level 20 HT full tower chassis is specially constructed to continue the legend of the Level 20 series case family. It features four durable 4mm thick tempered glass windows, two preinstalled 140mm standard fans on the top, and is designed with outstanding system ventilation. The chassis is a premium choice that inhabits a vertical mount design and expansion capabilities for massive custom liquid-cooled systems. The Level 20 HT takes our latest case innovations and wraps them in an ultra-modern style that’s utterly unique in the case market today. Stand out from the crowd with the Level 20 HT. Tempered Glass Window With Ultimate Viewing Angles The Level 20 HT comes with four tempered glass panels at the front, top and both sides which make it easy to display the internal components. For the front and top tempered glass panels, users can easily unlock by pressing down the locking mechanism located on the top part of the glass, allowing quick and easy access. The left and right hinged doors are also equipped with a smart lock security system allowing you to easily secure the inner components of your case. Dust Reduction Well-designed quick removal magnetic fan filters on the back and at the base provide excellent dust protection and dirt reduction, ensuring a dust-free environment. #For more features & details, kindly visit our official website Let us know what you think about our brand new model- Level 20 HT
  2. Hello Belezeebub for XL-ATX M/B, there are only three cases for View 91/W100/W200. Tower 900 cannot fit this M/B
  3. TT James

    Level 20 Series

    Hello, for the control board, there should've a jumper for Fan 3. like the pic below. and to sync with the M/B, have you tried to press the RGB button for 3 seconds? the fans will blink in RED and then should be okay for M/B sync. and our engineer will test the ARGB control board with ASUS X570 M/B to see if there is any problem to sync.
  4. Hello SickMunkey Do you mind take a picture for the control board? thank you
  5. S500 TG Mid-tower case comes with one tempered glass panel on the left, one pre-installed 140mm front fan and one 120mm rear fan, supporting motherboards up to ATX. MSRP: USD $99.99 URL:https://www.thermaltake.com/s500-tg-mid-tower.html Thermaltake S500 Tempered Glass Edition Mid Tower Chassis S500 Tempered Glass Edition mid-tower chassis combines sophistication and elegance and is all built with a modern Steel case construction. The S500 is manufactured with one Tempered glass side panel. Two preinstalled standard fans, 140mm at the front and 120mm at the rear to enable outstanding ventilation. S500 TG incorporates a full modular design, vertical radiator & GPU mount, Patented Rotational PCI-E slots, and the support for 200mm fans. The flexibility is limitless for high-end components. For storage this case has four drive trays with modular drive racks, delivering advanced storage capacity and great liquid cooling expansion. S500 TG is a great fit for users who are looking for a modern and stylish chassis.
  6. Hello First, you gotta make sure the M/B equip 5V header and you have to connect the signal bridge cable to the TT control board. then, long press the RGB button for 3 seconds, the lighting effect will blink twice, and now you are able to control the lighting effect via Aura. thanks
  7. that's the LED for the Hard disc drive.
  8. Hello the commander C series is now available on US AMAZON. and will be available soon in UK for sure. this Case will not let you down for sure!!
  9. Thermaltake Commander C Series Key Features - Two Built-in 200mm 5V ARGB Front Fans - Supports both ARGB Color Synchronization with ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and ASRock Motherboards - RGB color selection button via the I/O Port - Built-in ARGB Switch Board for Different Lighting Modes - I/O Port Supports Dual USB 3.0 - Excellent Cooling Capability with 2-Way Radiator Mounting up to 360mm - Gaming Design, Mesh Front Panel - Riser GPU Support Bracket - Built-in Power Cover - 4mm Tempered Glass Side Panel - Superior Hardware Support Product Link
  10. Hello xpusostomos kindly check the dimensions for Core P5 wall-mount usage from below image. thank you so much
  11. Hello sampsonitus Seems like the reset switch cable doesn't connect to the RGB switch board correctly(check the below RED circle) if you connect the reset switch cable directly to the M/B, you will not able to control the RGB lighting effect from the reset button. the PC will be restarted everytime you press the reset. Please check the cables are all connected correctly to the switch board. thank you
  12. Hello, you could contact Thermaltake customer service and let them know which part you are looking for. I am sure they can definitely help you out.
  13. WOW! it is AWESOME!!!!
  14. Hello, for View 71 RGB case, the controller does not need to be connected to power supply. just connect it to the M/B. kindly check the below instruction you could find the manual from the URL below https://www.thermaltake.com/products-model_support.aspx?id=C_00003130 hope you enjoy this case, personally, I LOVE it. it's gorgeous!!
  15. hello, i believe you have VIEW 91 case, right? for the type C issue, could you please tell me which motherboard you have? so that we could double check for you there shouldn't have this problem. the type C should be able to reach the M/B. we did a lot of tests before launched. maybe you could try a different way to do the cable management. thanks
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