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  1. Small demo from the new app using custom effect featuring fan led offset/rotation and led reversing: Effect is configurable from json file: "RgbEffect": "SnakeEffect", "RgbEffectConfig": { "Length": 5, "SnakeColor": [219, 78, 78], "BackgroundColor": [16, 16, 16] }
  2. Yup, totally doable but requires manually setting the leds from software, there is no support for it in the firmware so you just cant change the currently available effects. Unless of course they update the firmware. Once I rewrite the app you will be able to do anything you want with custom effects. Im actually thinking about abandoning future updates to the current version and just start writing the new one. The hacks are getting ridiculous.
  3. You mean RGB direction or the fan spin direction? Either way I can only add what the controller firmware supports.
  4. Yea, but the thing is before v1.7 the service was detecting the fans by its RPM so it shouldn't matter if your fans were at 20% or 30%. I guess it might not return correct values if its 20%? But that seems weird. In v1.7 I removed the empty port check and just added all ports no matter what, and they still have some fans missing. And there is literally no reason they should be missing. It seems that testing software only on one PC is a bad idea lol. It works just fine on my PC when shutting down, going to sleep or hibernating. You can try going services.msc and stopping the service manually. It should switch to shutdown mode. I think I should add heavy logging to help debug all of these problems people are having. It must be just hardware differences. Hmm, yea good idea, Ill see what can be done.
  5. Nah, this has to be fixed. But im running out of ideas as ty why it does not show all the fans. Clearly it was not a problem with empty port detection. It might be because of the LocalService, maybe it starts earlier than user service and that causes issues?
  6. Thanks! If you need help with something feel free to post here. Ok, if this happens more, please try to reinstall the service as custom user. Maybe that is the issue because I have mine running as custom user. If that doesnt help I guess its just the controller firmware is as bad as their windows app. As for other rgb modes, currently I do not plan to add them to this version of the software, they will be in the rewrite if I decide to do it. The reason is that the currently supported modes are in the controller firmware, meaning I just send it a command to set specific fan to a specific mode only when you click the save button or when the service loads. Any other mode that is in the official app is done by constantly manually setting the leds. That would mean a big rewrite of the app to change from updating the rgb mode "one time" vs "realtime". Nice, im glad its working. BTW, if you still have v1.6 and you run as LocalService, do you mind testing if installing as custom user will still sometimes not show all fans?
  7. @Ghosty031@ZOOTS I do not understand why it would do that... I never had that happen. Do you guys install the service as LocalService or custom user? I assume you are sure you are not also running the official software? Also the recent updates to Aida64 added riing fan support and it breaks the service. The delayed start could help but it delays for 2 minutes, so thats no good. I guess I'll just disable the empty port check. It will show all ports all the time, kinda like official software, this should also enable rgb support for aio pump. edit: Added v1.7
  8. I dont have the pump to test but I'll try to make this work. Can you run the attached app and PM me the output? But make sure you stop the service first. I think what is happening is that the pump does not report its speed/rpm so the service thinks the port is not used. The solution will be to add config to disable this check for selected ports. tt_info.zip
  9. Oh thats weird, maybe it thinks the app is not supported, Ill read up on that. Thanks for reporting.
  10. Duh, sorry I compiled with debug config, so you would need debug version of vc++ redist. I recompiled as release, please try again. Thanks.
  11. Yea, its basically the default speed (only static %) and rgb mode the fans will run with without any controlling software. It is saved to the controller box. Well, depends on your setup, but you could just have one BOOT profile with all fans in it. It will switch each fan to the assigned NORMAL mode when the service starts. You shouldn't have to save BOOT then save NORMAL. When you are saving BOOT profiles the service sets that profile for a brief moment then notifies the controller box to save that settings internally. Once its saved it will revert to the NORMAL profile for each fan if available. If it doesn't do that, it means there is a bug. BTW I noticed that you controller version is displayed incorrectly. Do you mind running the attached program? It will dump some data about the controller and what stuff it returns. Make sure the service is not running first, then PM me the output. Thanks.
  12. Yea, there was a bug when setting the fan to 0% speed, thanks. Try v1.6. BTW there is no in between speeds from 0% to 20%, so you can either have the fan at 0% or at 20%. Looking at your PWM graph, the most left and right points are not necessary, they are automatically included, and you can remove/add points by double clicking. So it could be done with just 2 points. I would want to inform you that you need to be careful when setting the curve with 0% speed. If you set it wrong your fan will constantly spin up and down (fan on -> low temperature -> fan off -> high temperature -> fan on -> ...), that might heavily lower the lifespan.
  13. There is brightness control. You can set it using the third slider, using the "B" input box, using the hex input box (for example #808080 is white with 50% brightness) or by using the saturation/brightness box (Y axis is brightness).
  14. @visualarts Try v1.5 for multiple temperature sensor mixing.
  15. I pm'd you the debug version of the service.
  16. Thats interesting, Ill test that. Thats even more interesting. If you click on the fan, does it update the speed and rpm in the stats section correctly? Or does it sometimes show all 0 values? I assume you are not running the official software at the same time? Make sure it does not autostart with windows. Also, are you running any hardware monitoring software like aida? I know that new aida added support for riing fans, but it screws with my app and I assume with official one too. Try, v1.4 there was a bug in detecting empty ports, which could explain long startup and missing fans. If this will not work Ill send you a debug version with more logging and will see.
  17. What do you mean it does not start? Like in services.msc it says that the service is not running? The colors change right when the system boots but the fans respond to the curve after 60seconds? So the service starts after those 60seconds right? Anyway, it was just to test if it will still block your other software from working, did it help with that? I think 60C, which is even more retarded because of the temperature spike when cpu boosts for 1-2seconds, which causes tt software to read a temperature which is not really accurate, so the fan speed waves constantly. This is the main reason I made my software. I use rolling average of the temperature over 2.5s (update rate of fan speed) and additionally you can set maximum/minimum change in fan speed to smooth it even more. The only times that this is not beneficial if you run a cpu test or launch game that is cpu intensive on load, because it will get to above 90C before the fans can slowly spin up. Thats why there is the critical temperature config to just force them to 100%. But that rarely happens for me, and you could just change the fan update rate to make it more responsive.
  18. Hmm ok, the only thing I can think of is that the api I use for usb stuff is somehow blocking all other usb devices. Ill try to read on this. In the meantime please try setting the service as "delayed start", it will delay the service for 120 seconds but we will see if this is the problem. The process you see in task manager IS the service, it does not create any other processes.
  19. What do you mean? The service takes long time to start or to shutdown? I dont see why it would block other software. If you want you can try setting startup type of the service to delayed start in "services.msc". For me it starts before login ui shows up, and shutdowns just after logging out. Is your wifi card connected via usb? It is possible. Create a new profile and set its type to "Boot", then when you click save, that profile will be saved to the controller. Note that it only saves manual speed, so you cant save pwm curve to the controller, the service needs to be running for that. Those will be the default settings the controller will be running with when booting the pc while the service is not running. I guess you can just create one boot profile, save, and then disable the service if you want. You can "control + left click" or "shift + left click" to select multiple fans to be included in the profile, or you can just make profiles per fan. Dont forget to save each time you make changes. Nope. Honestly surprised they did not delete the thread I should get around to putting this on github for easier management, maybe after that v2 rewrite.
  20. Hi, cool idea but unfortunately because of how the app is written it would require a big rewrite. Currently everything is applied "manually" when you click the save button, scanning for running processes is a "real time" thing. But I'll keep that in mind, maybe I'll figure a better way. If the new TT app will still be bad I will rewrite my app and add a lot of features.
  21. PM'd debug version of the service for testing. As for riing trio then they are not tested. For sure you will not get full rgb support as I have a limit of 12 leds right now in the app. I can easily add a slider or something to select number of leds. But you could test if one of the zones will respond. I assume trio fan is treated as if it has 30leds and there are no special commands in the controller.
  22. Can you look for more events around the same time? There should be one with a full stacktrace of the exception. Then I will be able to tell you why it wont work and maybe fix it.
  23. The effects that are available are those that are supported in the controller. Any other mode you see in official software is done in the software and not in the controller, and it will use more cpu power. I am thinking about adding custom/software effects, that would enable you to do anything you want with the fans. But I dont know if its worth the effort yet.
  24. You can select multiple leds by holding shift/ctrl like you would select multiple files in explorer. This will apply the color to all the selected leds when updated. You can also select multiple fans the same way to include multiple fans in a profile. Unless you meant copy profile function? I think it should work fine if its connected to the controller and not via usb. I did not see anything in the official software that would indicate different functions for different devices (pumps, fans etc). Does my software detect the pump as a connected fan? If it does you could check the rpm and speed stats, if they are correct I think there will be no problems. Also, on first install of the official software, did it automatically detect a pump on a port or did you have to select it from the device selection dropdown? If it did not detect it, that would mean that there is no difference between devices other than led count. When I was writing the software I thought it would only support riing plus fans, but now it seems it should support every tt rgb plus device. Thats why it defaults to 12 led colors and does not detect that your pump has only 6, but its not a problem if you send more data to the controller. But yeah, you would want to test the app more to use it with a pump, and definitely use pwm profile. Apparently they are rewriting the software from scratch. Could be interesting. edit: v1.3 allows you to install as LocalService account
  25. Oh, yeah windows does not like passwordless accounts. Its a problem in many places. Glad you have it working tho. edit: Dont know if there is a way to make it work without a password, I guess it could run as localsystem account. Ill check.
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