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  1. Hello good afternoon, again I contacted you because the piece they have sent to repair the computer case is not the one that has failures, I have already sent 2 emails and I have not responded. so I do not know how we can solve this issue. Thank you This is the image of the defective part, I had to remove it from the box because I worry that it could cause a short circuit and damage another... the box in red indicates the defect that I found when reviewing it
  2. Yes, they have been very kind and have helped a lot ... thank you very much for your work I hope you continue with the accompaniment that we do to all of us, we decided to marry the components and parts that thermaltake brings to the market.
  3. Greetings to all, On July 8, 2018 I bought a Thermaltake Core V71 Tower in Spain and I arrived in Colombia at the end of August, so a couple of weeks ago I was able to start with the installation and assembly of my computer parts, All the parts of the computer are Thermaltake brand (source, heatsinks, liquid cooling, etc ...) once the assembly was made in the Tower Thermaltake Core V71, there was a problem when performing the ignition and is that the three (3) Fan (heatsinks) of 200mm that brings this Tower located in the Front and top part DOES NOT ROTATE, just turn on the LEDs. In
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