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  1. Edited my prev post! I sent an email to the regular info@thermaltake.com aswell as thermaltake.de and also filled out the rma form on your .com website - that was back in March/June.
  2. Hey guys! First of all, I just love the Core P5 case but... Had issues with the pci-e riser cable from day 1. This was in may -18 - I contacted the store here in Sweden (webbhallen.se) and they responded that I had to RMA the whole case to get an exhange case. I refused since I thought it shouldnt be neccessary to dissasemble my whole build just to get a new working riser cable and I told them to contact you at Thermaltake or give me an email to you guys. They promissed to get back to me which they havent and its October now. I also filed an RMA on your site in late of May but you didnt respond either. I ended up buying your premium riser cable after I got tired of waiting and its not fun to not be able to use the PC because of one faulty cable. Everything was good with the premium cable until yesterday - first off I got artefacts and then I lost all image on my screen. My first thought was that the gpu(Asus Strix OC 1080Ti) might have gone bad so I connected it directly to the motherboard to check. Worked just fine so I connected the riser cable again and instantly ran into issues - It cant be used on the x16 link speed slot and in the x8 slot it sometimes reads x1 speed and sometimes x4 speed and randomly it dissconnects from the and wont get recognized at all. I filed and RMA to Webbhallen.se once again but they havent responded - what a surprise huh! So, how do we solve this? Once again Im without a working PC because of a pci-e riser cable!! Ive sent u an email aswell! //Christian Osbakk
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