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  1. I've had the RBG+ lock up issue from day one. Tried everything, nothing worked. About 3 or 4 updates ago they fixed it and it worked correctly. Now the latest update causes the program to not even launch. If launched manually, it dies. Who the #### writes this #### code? Did they hire some #### idiot college kid to write it? There is no way a top tier cooling company should release such #### software and do nothing to fix it. It is embarrassing to have code released that is just poorly written garbage such as RGB Plus.
  2. I got the same. when you click the left update button it gives a small box with a message. I think it says #### you.
  3. Not it doesn't hang, it just never starts! #### I even copied the .exe shortcut to the Windows 10 startup directory, but no dice. I can start it manually with no errors and stalling. I have set it to run as Admin. Any advice to get this stuff to actually run correctly? EDIT: It seems that when programs are elevated (Set to run as Admin), Windows 10 will not start them. DO NOT set the RGB Plus to run as Admin.
  4. Ah, I forgot about the white. Yes, there are 3, but there is only 1 RBG version. The other is blue fan, with only 1 front, 1 rear. I think what you showed is a bad page since both RGB cases are exactly the same, just one labeled Plus. https://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00003129
  5. I found that checking the box to have it run as an Admin hides the screen, but it still hangs in the background.
  6. There are only 2, the tempered glass edition (blue lights) and the plus edition (RGB). The RGB plus version is sold everywhere. I bought mine here in Thailand. Have you installed the software to control the lights?
  7. The case is amazing. It is hands down the best case I have ever seen and used. So much room and very well designed. Keep it, you will be happy. I think they made it the size they did because most cases today are mid tower, not a full tower like the View 71. The 360 would be a bit too long in a mid tower if it was made to fit a full tower. Can you install it on the top? I have it top mounted with the inlet/outlet at the back and it works fine.
  8. I'm using the TT RGB Plus software on my Floe Riing 360 Premium. At times it just hangs once I log into Windows. I see only a black square on the desktop and it stops all other processes. I can sometimes wait 2-3 minutes and it loads, other times I just have to kill the process. If I start it from scratch it is always ok. I'm using version 1.2.4, f2.0.2 I have all the C++ runtime libraries installed and updated Running the latest Nividia drivers Window 10 x64 Is there any solution for this? I think others have the same issue.
  9. Yes, it can't be mounted in front. I have the 71 and it only fits one way on the top. The only other way is the vertical mount where the drive cages are, which is probably the best looking.
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