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  1. I have an old Challenger Pro keyboard. the Keyboard itself is going strong, but the Cable is breaking. is there a way to order a replacement, or does someone have a reccomended third party alternative?
  2. Graychild

    spare keycaps

    a couple of the wider keycaps are starting to part company with the metal bars that keep them working right. is there any option to buy some replacements or where would i find some?
  3. I already applied for an RMA, it is less than 2 years since the date of purchase, I applied the RMA over a month ago, I've not heard a peep from support since. I even gave them my credit card for the advance thing just in case.
  4. I have a thermaltake challenger keyboard, and the plastic numbs that hold the pin in place on the spacebar have worn down on one side, so it pops loose unless I hit the spacebar on the far right side. anyone know of a jerry-rig fix for this? or know somewhere where I can buy a new spacebar?
  5. I have a Challenger Pro Keyboard, and for whatever reason, the cable is starting to break. I can't seem to find a place to get a replacement cable though. Will I have to buy a whole new keyboard just to replace the cable?
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