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  1. I have a challenger prime keyboard. with increasing frequency, my computer will think the alt key is being held down, causing typing to go to shortcuts instead of input. hitting the alt key fixes this temporarily. I've been trying to upgrade the firmware to fix this, but none of the programs recognize that its plugged in, and it shows up in device manager as 3 seperate HID keyboards. not even the RGB software recognizes it.
  2. I have an old Challenger Pro keyboard. the Keyboard itself is going strong, but the Cable is breaking. is there a way to order a replacement, or does someone have a reccomended third party alternative?
  3. a couple of the wider keycaps are starting to part company with the metal bars that keep them working right. is there any option to buy some replacements or where would i find some?
  4. I already applied for an RMA, it is less than 2 years since the date of purchase, I applied the RMA over a month ago, I've not heard a peep from support since. I even gave them my credit card for the advance thing just in case.
  5. I have a thermaltake challenger keyboard, and the plastic numbs that hold the pin in place on the spacebar have worn down on one side, so it pops loose unless I hit the spacebar on the far right side. anyone know of a jerry-rig fix for this? or know somewhere where I can buy a new spacebar?
  6. I have a Challenger Pro Keyboard, and for whatever reason, the cable is starting to break. I can't seem to find a place to get a replacement cable though. Will I have to buy a whole new keyboard just to replace the cable?
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