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  1. I found out nothing, other than the knowledge that I am likely not buying TT products in the future. I received no responses to queries and no resolutions by spending lots of time googling. I've fallen back to using separate controllers for the 3 Riing pack and the Floe pack, then using both ASUS Aura and the TT RGB app to control the lighting. I've already packaged the sync controller back up and returned it. I plan on writing an Amazon review of the experience for both the controller and the motherboard --- both of whom claim support for the other product, which does not appear to be accurate (at least as far as "blanket" support). Claims of compatible products for RGB config definitely influenced the brands I invested in when building my new setup. Very disappointing.
  2. RGB noob question here -- If the Aura software works over the TT software, why not just use Aura? I have a different issue that I was researching when I stumbled on this thread. Knowing why one RGB software is better than the other may prove valuable in my near future. Thanks!
  3. I have a ASUS Prime x470-Pro + three Riing Plus fans + Riing Floe 360 (including its three Riing fans) + the Sync Controller. All 6 Riing fans and the RGB pump are plugged into the Sync Controller. The Sync Controller is connected to the SATA power cable. When making the final connection from the Sync to the motherboard, the instructions state to plug the "Asus mainboard bridge cable" into an "Aura addressable header". Page two here: https://www.thermaltake.com/db/support/usermanual/_629b2a2235b141269b2e42f00fa8f2c7.pdf The drawing indicates ASUS RGB headers are three pins (technically in a 4-pin layout, but the third pin is solid/filled), but the RGB headers on this motherboard are 4-pin. This board has Aura and the ASUS book indicates the RGB headers are addressable. Please advise. Thanks!
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