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  1. Thanks a lot Mike, I'll get to the disassembly soon. Just a quick update - to create this build I'm using a garage that's being very kindly loaned by my in-laws. Since I also work full time, my only opportunities to paint or mod are the weekends. Sydney's whacky weather is continuing to make panting a bit tough and on top of that, the garage is currently being fully occupied by an Alfa Romeo that needs fixing and it can't currently move until January. If anyone is in or around the Sydney Australia area and would like to volunteer a space where I can keep painting, please drop me a PM. I
  2. Me too Mike! I'm equally as eager to see yours completed too and I'm honoured that I caught your attention. I haven't had a huge amount of experience with spraying with this type of plastic and I did suspect I wouldn't need to prime - it's such a decent surface to work with already. Worst case scenario (no pun intended), I am in the process of obtaining a replacement front panel on the chance that the paint makes the front too thick. Hopefully I can muster up the cojones and tear down my PSU this weekend as well! Is there any advice you might have for tearing apart a PSU?
  3. Updated original posting! Thank you for your help so far everyone.
  4. Greetings Klaus Andy! The white is actually a primer. The intended colour I'm using needed a primer coat to get the coat of paint to properly stick. I did checkout some of the awesome builds from the V71 Owner's Club, but I felt that the thread was dedicated to finished rigs, as opposed to a commenced case mod. I've already dropped an email to the Thermaltake Team who have very quickly responded today!
  5. Patience is absolutely key. Thermaltake have really done well to attach the mesh section with several metal "tabs".You definitely need a pair of long nose pliers and to take your time. Bend gently on the metal "tabs" firmly but as close as you can to the plastic. When you're separating the two, I used a big flathead screwdriver with a cloth covering the end. Bend too far and you'll bend the mesh. Not enough and the metal tab slots back into place. I didn't succeed with some of the tabs and I had to dremel two of the centre tabs. They're a bit shorter as a result, but it's still recoverabl
  6. I've re-modified this post to be more official. We are away! I've kept this under wraps for a little while, but now is a better time as any to get this going. It'll help me kick myself into gear to get it across the finish. Meet my mascot - Tina the stuffed Alpaca. Tina approves of the V71. Worklog First off - I stripped the case. Top panel. Front Panel. Side panels. I stripped it down 'till it was #### naked. This is an easy process with the V71. And now, the hard work begins. I grabbed the case front panel and very patiently (which may or may not have had excessive
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