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    Ghosty031 reacted to Teszty66 in Alternative to TT RGB software   
    Yea, but the thing is before v1.7 the service was detecting the fans by its RPM so it shouldn't matter if your fans were at 20% or 30%. I guess it might not return correct values if its 20%? But that seems weird.
    In v1.7 I removed the empty port check and just added all ports no matter what, and they still have some fans missing. And there is literally no reason they should be missing.
    It seems that testing software only on one PC is a bad idea lol. It works just fine on my PC when shutting down, going to sleep or hibernating.
    You can try going services.msc and stopping the service manually. It should switch to shutdown mode.
    I think I should add heavy logging to help debug all of these problems people are having. It must be just hardware differences.
    Hmm, yea good idea, Ill see what can be done.
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