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  1. Wow Man! That worked!! I kept having to reboot my machine multiple times to get both controllers to show up! Being able to do it through Device Manager sure is easier. I wish YOU were working for tt, then maybe we would get a permanent fix for this. tt needs to build a functional and better controller and then Recall the ones we all have to swap them. It is ridiculous to have to pay hundreds of dollars for fan hardware that works intermittently. It gives me no confidence to leave my machine unattended with tt controllers inside. Does anyone know whether there are other vendors who sell controllers that the tt fans could plug in to?
  2. Same problem here. I have 10 Riing Quad fans on 2 controllers and I have to reboot my machine multiple times before both controllers are detected. I am completely regret having bought these fans. I had bought fans years ago from Thermaltake and always had problems with the software not running properly. I would have hoped that after that many years they would have solved their software problems, but now not only is the software still terrible and mostly doesn't work (and when it does it chews a ton of CPU usage), but now I can see that the hardware is even more unreliable. I've spent close to $1,000 dollars on these fans (which look great), but are completely unreliable due to very very poor quality hardware controllers which are only intermittently recognized. If you do a Google search you will see that there are very many of us with this same problem, unfortunately always with Thermaltake fans. There are some threads on this forum that are 4 years old with similar problems and no responses from tt support. Very disappointing.
  3. I've been waiting for an answer in vain. It's ridiculous to have a utility that is supposed to help you manage heat in your system actually being the highest generator of heat. At this point I've simply been yanking the app out of ram, which is a shame.
  4. I'm seeing TT RGB Plus consistently using between 8-25% CPU time, and this is on an i7-9700K. Average is around 15%, so you are not alone with this problem. I would like to see a resolution to this, otherwise I will be uninstalling it and removing the fans. I am already forced to shut down the App each time I boot up because of the excessive usage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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