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  1. Hi mate, for now i dont have anything connected to my motherboard. I have the sync controller connected to the case controller. But im wating for a replacement controller to see if it fixes the issue. Also waiting for rog aura terminal to see if it helps too.
  2. Same here. Can't control my Floe riing with the TT sync controller, also not a responce from support.
  3. Yes, the aio is included and also the fans are even individually included in the supported list.
  4. I have the 2 fans at one side, and pump on another. I 've tryied all combos that i can think. Fans+pump together, only fans, only 1 fan, trying all the sides. One more clue, is that when i connect the pump at the same side with the fans, the pump's rgb doesnt work either. Also, i don't have an issue with rpm now. Fans and pump are controller as intended.
  5. Yeah, i ll try that too. The most fortunate is that the pump works. The 2 riing fans are hidden so not a big issue after all.. I think also that the new pure Argb should work too. So if it bothers me i might try them. Thanks a lot for the info.
  6. Well, that would be easy if i had one. Unfortunally Asus Hero Viii doesn't have. But, i think the singnal output is in the same protocol or something. I mean if it was that the case, the pump shouldn't work correctly.
  7. Yes. Case has a 3rd party D rgb out. But i don't see any difference with a motherboard header. Also the pump rgb works good.
  8. Ok I got two videos. On the first system is booted with rainbow like non static lighting. As you can see the top fan isn't lit up at all and buttom fan only participates with some leds only. https://photos.app.goo.gl/PRD5xoaMAope1cd86 On the second, i first choose a static colour and then switched back to non static. As you can see it stays on static and partially syncs with the others. https://photos.app.goo.gl/JBd6oC7Adzf8WtcM6
  9. Ok, i got them all and connected sync controller with my case. The pump rgp works perfect but the fan's not. When i 'm in static colour the fan's rgb work good but when i have lighting transitions, it doesn't work and sometimes only half of the fan is working. Also it seem's to keep the previews static colour assigned and no only 2-3 leds appear to sync. I tested everything with floe's stock controller and the fans are working there great. Maybe the tt sync controller has an issue? But again the pump rgb is working great. Any ideas?
  10. Hi guys, i just got floe riing 280 with TT sync controller. When i connect it to the DRGB controller of my case (Evolv X) there is an issue. Althouth the pump's RGB sync perfectly at every mode, the fans sync only on static colours. When i have led movement they dont work correctly. I also checked them with the included controled of floe and they work good. The problem i think is only with sync controller. Any ideas?
  11. Hi, i just ordered FLoe riing 280 RBG along with the TT sync controller. I also have phanteks evolv x case which has a d-rgb controller as shown in the attached picture, labeled as third party d-rbg products. I know that the tt sync controller can sync with various mobos including asus. So my question, will it sync with the header from my case which by the way its identical with asus? They look the same to me. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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