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  1. Try to learn the keyboard shortcuts, the software works, but it's extremely buggy. EDIT: Here is the pdf file with everything you need to know, shortcuts and all. https://mgofficial.azureedge.net/pub/media/productattach/db/support/usermanual/_db00e22859d04f2587b3c30384200742.pdf Have a good one!
  2. That's good to see, hope all goes well! -Cynaax
  3. That's very weird that they don't have a UK styled driver, even a UK registered domain. They have an Australian domain where I got my drivers from. Also I would urge you to use the keyboard shortcuts, the software is very buggy in my opinion, it's clunky and constantly crashes. In my case they also took a while to respond, max was a week and that was for a keycap replacement, which they happily helped me with. +Rep to TT Australian support. I would urge you to send them a message on Facebook, as they have a Facebook for the UK market. Link: https://www.facebook.com/ThermaltakeUK/ Hope this helps! If you need any more help, quote this reply and list the problem below. I'll he happy to help! -Cynaax
  4. I agree that the software should work, and yes, it is an expensive keyboard. But the software shouldn't add any value in my opinion, I find the keyboard shortcuts easier to use, if anything less clunky. Also if you own a Razer product, I think you can sync the lighting with it through Synapse. Hope that helped -Cynaax
  5. RGB Plus is the software for the fans I think. Refer to the main page of your keyboard and download the drivers from there Hope I helped! -Cynaax
  6. I would recommend that you use the keyboard shortcuts to see if all 14 show up there. As I haven't used this keyboard before, I can't judge the stability of the software. Hopefully you find a resolution to this issue, and I hope I helped! -Cynaax
  7. That is quite weird, I'm thinking it's due to the layout of the keyboard compared to the software, it should be cross compatible though. I would recommend that you contact Thermaltake on this one and request that they include the UK layout in the software. In my eyes that is a little bit lazy of them of them not to include the UK layout in it. Where did you download the software from, try to find a UK website, if they have one. If anything, I recommend that you ditch the software until it gets better, it is extremely buggy and I find that I prefer the keyboard shortcuts. (Maybe just me ) I hope you find a resolution to this issue! -Cynaax PS: Nice setup
  8. I would recommend contacting Thermaltake on this one and filing a warranty claim. How long have you had the keyboard for? Is it still under warranty? Also what do you mean by "already modify the write delay" Hopefully you can find a resolution to this issue of yours! -Cynaax
  9. I know this thread is a little dated, but you will have more luck posting in the case forum, as this is the mechanical keyboard forum #### luck! -Cynaax
  10. Is it still under warranty? If so, I would recommend that you contact Thermaltake on this one. That is quite weird to happen, have you tried reinstalling the firmware? Or updating the keyboard itself? Give those a try before you contact them. To me it seems as if the keyboard has just given up unfortunately. Let's hope it's not that, good luck! -Cynaax
  11. The software isn't needed in my opinion, the lighting keys do a much better job in my opinion. I find the software extremely buggy, it also constantly crashes. I would recommend learning the keyboard shortcuts.
  12. I just realized that my ESC keycap is broken. Ever since I got the keyboard that key has been very easy to take out and a lot looser than other keys. I took it out today to look at it because it's been bugging me and I found out that the housing is cracked on the key. Several other keys are loose as well, however I don't think the housing is broken. Whenever I take a keycap off I use the included puller just to be safe so I don't risk snapping the switches stem. I request a new set of keycaps or the a new ESC key, I have had this keyboard for almost 3 months now, I purchased it around the 20th to 30th of January. If need be I will provide a receipt of the purchase. Thank you and have a good night or day!
  13. Have you tried updating the firmware?
  14. A driver update has been issued, this new update fixes compatibility with Windows 10 ver. 1809 @alphadg You can now customize to your hearts content, enjoy! Have a great day or night, depending on when you read this! -Cynaax
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