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  1. The latest version of the software does not work at all
  2. I bought this fairly close to the initial release date, so I myself, nor did anyone else know about how crap their software was for this thing, and how they don't care to update it
  3. Just placed an order for the GK64 on Drop, I'd urge you all to do the same before the drop ends instead of dealing with the flaws of this keyboard. In no way am I anti Thermaltake, however this was an expensive keyboard and we all should have had better, even releasing the SDK and allowing support for custom drivers (Aurora and such) would have been fine. It's still within it's first 2/3 years of being released, so I find it unacceptable regarding the lack of support we all have received. I'm sorry but I'm fed up with this now, yes there are keyboard shortcuts but more than half of the features are useless without the software, why advertise something that doesn't work anymore? Sorry for this rant, but I'm annoyed with the lack of support all us X1 owners have received -Cynaax
  4. Try reflashing the keyboard, should be in the program directory (normally installed under 'Program Files (x86)', there should be a folder called 'fw' or at least it's what it's called for my keyboard. Run that, click ok and wait and hopefully it should work, if not the support team better get into gear as this is bull crap. Hopefully that helps -Cynaax
  5. Hello again, had to send an email regarding 1903 compatibility, which was fixed soon after I sent the email, thank you for that! But unfortunately the software has broke on the latest version of Windows 10 (1909), would us X1 owners be expecting any new firmware/a fix to the current like what was done with 1903 at all, since it was (and is) still quite a pricey keyboard and is only on it's second year of release. Thank you and have a good one! -Cynaax
  6. Try to learn the keyboard shortcuts, the software works, but it's extremely buggy. EDIT: Here is the pdf file with everything you need to know, shortcuts and all. https://mgofficial.azureedge.net/pub/media/productattach/db/support/usermanual/_db00e22859d04f2587b3c30384200742.pdf Have a good one!
  7. That's good to see, hope all goes well! -Cynaax
  8. That's very weird that they don't have a UK styled driver, even a UK registered domain. They have an Australian domain where I got my drivers from. Also I would urge you to use the keyboard shortcuts, the software is very buggy in my opinion, it's clunky and constantly crashes. In my case they also took a while to respond, max was a week and that was for a keycap replacement, which they happily helped me with. +Rep to TT Australian support. I would urge you to send them a message on Facebook, as they have a Facebook for the UK market. Link: https://www.facebook.com/ThermaltakeUK/ Hope this helps! If you need any more help, quote this reply and list the problem below. I'll he happy to help! -Cynaax
  9. I agree that the software should work, and yes, it is an expensive keyboard. But the software shouldn't add any value in my opinion, I find the keyboard shortcuts easier to use, if anything less clunky. Also if you own a Razer product, I think you can sync the lighting with it through Synapse. Hope that helped -Cynaax
  10. RGB Plus is the software for the fans I think. Refer to the main page of your keyboard and download the drivers from there Hope I helped! -Cynaax
  11. I would recommend that you use the keyboard shortcuts to see if all 14 show up there. As I haven't used this keyboard before, I can't judge the stability of the software. Hopefully you find a resolution to this issue, and I hope I helped! -Cynaax
  12. That is quite weird, I'm thinking it's due to the layout of the keyboard compared to the software, it should be cross compatible though. I would recommend that you contact Thermaltake on this one and request that they include the UK layout in the software. In my eyes that is a little bit lazy of them of them not to include the UK layout in it. Where did you download the software from, try to find a UK website, if they have one. If anything, I recommend that you ditch the software until it gets better, it is extremely buggy and I find that I prefer the keyboard shortcuts. (Maybe just me ) I hope you find a resolution to this issue! -Cynaax PS: Nice setup
  13. I would recommend contacting Thermaltake on this one and filing a warranty claim. How long have you had the keyboard for? Is it still under warranty? Also what do you mean by "already modify the write delay" Hopefully you can find a resolution to this issue of yours! -Cynaax
  14. I know this thread is a little dated, but you will have more luck posting in the case forum, as this is the mechanical keyboard forum #### luck! -Cynaax
  15. Is it still under warranty? If so, I would recommend that you contact Thermaltake on this one. That is quite weird to happen, have you tried reinstalling the firmware? Or updating the keyboard itself? Give those a try before you contact them. To me it seems as if the keyboard has just given up unfortunately. Let's hope it's not that, good luck! -Cynaax
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