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    Cynaax reacted to ZER0_MA47 in Neptune Elite RGB lighting modes   
    THANK YOU for someone to actually reply and yeah I've just started emailing them and its going well i think
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    Cynaax reacted to Psycho95 in TT X1 UK layout SW light problem   
    They dont have a UK website  so i have a SW from global webpage.  I send them a help request but i dont think someone help me. I send them in a past 2 request about riing fan. No one reply to me  but TT have a great community so they help me on forum  
    So i try to wait if they reply and try work on just a keyboard shortcuts. 
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    Cynaax got a reaction from Jag007 in Premium X1 RGB keyboard Owner's Club   
    After emails with Thermaltake, I can confirm that the drivers are not supported with Windows 10 ver. 1809, however they will be releasing a fix to address this issue, however there is no ETA as yet, sit tight.

    I have attached a small snippet from the latest email they have sent me, which confirms it, hopefully they release it soon.
    Thank you for reading and have a nice day or night! (depending when you read this)
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