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  1. Honestly, I must have spent about 5 hours trying to wrap my head around all of this and I'm clearly no closer to when I started If you're aware of any individually addressable RGB products that I would be able to sync with Gigabyte's RGB fusion and control under one piece of software would you mind pointing me in the right direction? Because I clearly lack the mental capacity. Seriously though you've been a great help so far, it is appreciated!
  2. Okay thanks, I'll have to go for the Gigabyte Aurous Pro in that case. I do have another question. If I bought the TT Lumi strips that come with the Lumi controller, would I be able to connect the TT riing fans to that controller? Or would I need two separate controllers or the TT sync premium 9 port controller? Thanks again
  3. I plan on buying the Asus Prime z390 A and the ThermalTake Riing TT Premium edition that comes with a controller, but this motherboard only has 4 pin 12v fan headers. To my knowledge, these fan headers do not allow the user to individually address RGB lights (which is what I'm aiming for). So my question is could I connect my TT RGB fans and strips to the TT sync controller, connect the controller to my Asus Prime z390 A motherboard through a 4 pin 12v fan header, and individually address the RGB lights all in conjunction with Asus Aura. I want my whole PC's RGB to be synced and I also only want to use one piece of software to control it all (whether that be through Asus' or ThermalTakes software). Is this possible at all throgh that 4 pin header? Thanks in advance
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