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  1. thank you for reply. that would be great. even if you put together all these images and put some audio in it , it will still get awesome views . I am sure you will find a a lot of admirers for your work. Keep up the good work.
  2. i found an infographic explaining the features of this app on facebook
  3. thank you for clarification. so fans at both ends of the radiator . alright . wouldn't there be a pressure difference when both the fans run in such a close proximity . ie only the radiator separating them.
  4. this setup looks very good.
  5. I found this information regarding tweakbox app and its safety , on twitter
  6. woops , thats is one irritating g problem yo have . i havent faced anything like this thankfully. would like to see if someone comes up with a solution for this .
  7. i highly doubt if this radiator will fit into my chassis due to its large design. though its very efficient but needs large chassis
  8. this build is right from a sci fi movie. its so futuristic , but its real and functional .
  9. Thermaltake radiators are much better than Corsair, however the corsair ones look better as they are stylish in design
  10. I would also like to know how that system of "push/pull config" works . Thanks
  11. this is not a PC build , its a piece of art .just love it , should have put up the build on youtube for more views.
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