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  1. thank you for reply. that would be great. even if you put together all these images and put some audio in it , it will still get awesome views . I am sure you will find a a lot of admirers for your work. Keep up the good work.
  2. i found an infographic explaining the features of this app on facebook
  3. thank you for clarification. so fans at both ends of the radiator . alright . wouldn't there be a pressure difference when both the fans run in such a close proximity . ie only the radiator separating them.
  4. this setup looks very good.
  5. I found this information regarding tweakbox app and its safety , on twitter
  6. woops , thats is one irritating g problem yo have . i havent faced anything like this thankfully. would like to see if someone comes up with a solution for this .
  7. i highly doubt if this radiator will fit into my chassis due to its large design. though its very efficient but needs large chassis
  8. this build is right from a sci fi movie. its so futuristic , but its real and functional .
  9. Thermaltake radiators are much better than Corsair, however the corsair ones look better as they are stylish in design
  10. I would also like to know how that system of "push/pull config" works . Thanks
  11. this is not a PC build , its a piece of art .just love it , should have put up the build on youtube for more views.
  12. that setup is awesome. love it .
  13. With Cydia in a serious decline right now, many users can no longer install it. And, to be honest, it doesn’t look the situation is going to change anytime soon so where do iOS users go for all their tweaks, free apps, and modified content ? They go to Panda Helper ( https://pandahelper.app ). One of the best Cydia alternatives on offer right now, this unofficial app store offers users a choice of thousands of apps, games, tweak and much more besides, including tweaked apps like Spotify++, Instagram++, Pokémon Go++, Snapchat++, great screen recorders like AirShou and iRec and plenty of other content too. It is completely free to download but is it safe to use? That is one question being asked by many users who want to try the installer but are a little unsure. How Safe is Panda Helper ? Panda Helper is very safe to use and there are a few reasons why that is: First, installing Panda Helper does not require you to use your Apple ID. Many of the other Cydia alternatives do require this and not having to provide it means that Apple is unable to track that you are using the app and that means your warranty is safe. Second, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to use the installer. That is a great plus, and not just because it means that anyone can use it. The biggest advantage to this is that Panda Helper can be installed like an ordinary app, not by hacking through the iOS firmware security as Cydia does. The result of this is that it doesn’t open your device to any security issues and your warranty is still kept safe, as are you and your data. Lastly, the Panda Helper developers have put a lot of effort into ensuring that their app installer is safe for you to use. It works on iOS 9 to 12, has been rigorously tested and is perfectly safe, secure and reliable. It receives regular updates to keep it secure and to fix any bugs that arise, not to mention adding new content. They also have to protect their own reputation and they won't do that by giving you an unsafe app to use. Deleting Panda Helper : If you really cant decide whether you feel you can trust the installer or not, you have two options – don’t install it in the first place or, if you do, you can easily delete it. You can also try using reputable anti-virus software to provide even further protection for your data and device. If you do decide to delete it, you can find full instructions to delete Panda Helper . Easy Download and Installation : If you do decide to give Panda Helper a try you will find it is incredibly simple to download. To help you out, we have drawn up a full step by step guide and you can find that at the link below: Download Panda Helper Panda Helper is one of the top Cydia alternatives on offer right now, not just because it is packed with apps, games, books, comics, themes, ringtones and much more. It is also popular because it is so safe and it is currently being used by millions of users across the entire world without any trouble at all. Try it today; you have nothing to lose so install Panda Helper, try it and let us know how you get on – if you experience any issues at all, tell us what they are and we’ll do our best to provide you with a solution to fix them. You can also follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.
  14. that must be a faulty device right from the start . My PSU is running smoothly for past 6-7 years and i have changed and upgraded my orher hardware , but not the PSU. its rock solid and saving my computer from all the up's and downs of the terrible power supply i have here .
  15. beautiful setup there. I wonder what happens to the coloured cooling fluid after a year or so. does it fade and change colour. does it require replacement . Thanks
  16. At one time, almost every iOS user could download Cydia and install any number of tweaks, modifications, and more on their iOS devices. That is no longer the case because Cydia is seeing fewer updates as each year passes and that situation doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. With each update, the security that Apple includes puts more hurdles in the way of a jailbreak being developed and this has left users with no option but to look elsewhere for their content. Some Cydia alternatives have been released over the last few months but the best by far is one called TweakBox ( https://tweakbox.store ). It offers a selection of Cydia tweaks, and thousands of apps and games, many tweaked with new features. However, it is an unofficial app and that begs the question, just how safe is it ? Is TweakBox Safe to Use ? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. The developers of TweakBox have put an awful lot of work into their app installer, taking several months just to develop it. It has been tested at every stage, very rigorously, to ensure it is safe and reliable. The upshot is that the installer is free of malware, will not cause any security issues on your device and will keep you and your data perfectly safe. It is worth knowing that it also went through a strict period of beta testing before it was released to the public too. TweakBox will not interfere with anything else on your device, it will not take all your resources and the developers also keep it updated on a regular basis, fixing any issues as they arise and adding new content. One other very important factor in ensuring the safety of the installer is that it doesn’t require a jailbreak to work. Where Cydia can only work by breaking into the root of the iOS, TweakBox doesn’t need to do that; that means your device is not open to the security risks that jailbreaking brings. However, there is a downside and that is that the installer has no way of offering the same kind of feature and functionality that Cydia does. Download TweakBox Last but not least, the developers want nothing more than to ensure your security and, in doing so, securing and maintaining their own good reputation. If they were to release an installer that was nothing but trouble their reputation would be shot down in flames. Right now, millions of users across the world are using TweakBox without any issues at all and it is proving to be the safest, most reliable app installer of all time. Not Convinced ? We can do nothing more than tell you how the developers have made TweakBox safe but if you really are not convinced of its safety then just don’t install it. You can delete it very easily though without interfering with anything else on your device so it’s worth trying it at least. If you do decide to delete it, you can easily delete TweakBox App You really don’t have anything to lose by installing TweakBox and giving it a go. It’s completely free, it is safe to use, it is very reliable and it offers so much content that every user will find something to suit them. And because it will cost you nothing but time to try, it is worth a go. Deleting it is simple if you can't get on with it so download it today and don’t forget to tell us what you think of it. For more updates and news you can follow us on Facebook.
  17. I love the thermaltake PSU's, tough and reliable and so silent. I had no issues in the past 7 years i am using my 80 plus unit .
  18. I had a similar issue with my fan aswell. I had to finally replace it, it ddnt even go away with all the troubleshooting suggested in this forum .
  19. It should be faced such that the intake air is outside air and not the chassis warm air, which can further increase the PSU temperature and worsen the cooling
  20. Cydia is failing fast. We haven’t had any updates for some time now and we don’t expect to get any more in the foreseeable future so what do iOS jailbreakers do now that they can’t get their Cydia tweaks and apps? Well, the answer lies in an unofficial app installer called Emus4U - https://emus4u.app . One of many Cydia alternatives, this has proven to be very popular because it offers so much content; not just apps and games, but some of the best Cydia tweaks too, including some of the top games emulators. However, because it is not an official app, there are those that ask how safe it is to use. Is Emus4U Safe ? Yes, the Emus4U download is incredibly safe to use. In fact, it has proven to be one of the safest ever and there are a number of reasons why this is. Before it was released to the public, the developers put their app installer through some of the strictest tests ever, testing for security and safety. Emus4U has been declared free from any security issues and malware, is very safe to use and will not interfere in any adverse way with any other service or app on your device. Plus it is regularly updated so you rest assured it will always be safe. Because it does not need to break through the security that surrounds the iOS firmware, it is much safer. It cannot modify or otherwise interfere with any security feature or protocol on your device or in the firmware and this means your device is not opened to potential security threats like it is with jailbreaking. The same goes with apps, tweaks, and games in the installer – they cannot gain root access either. Emus4U is closely monitored by the developers; not only are they taking your security and safety very seriously, but they also have their own reputation to guard. If any app or game is found to contain malware or is in any other way insecure, they will remove it immediately; they also update the app installer regularly to keep it safe. Download Emus4U : You can Download Emus4U from the link here. I Still Don’t Know ! All we can do is tell you that the Emus4U download is safe to use. All we can do is tell you that it is highly secure and that your data, your device and you are safe when you use it. Not everyone will be reassured by this and if you really don’t want to take any risks by installing unofficial apps and games on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, then the answer is simple – don’t install it. If you already have installed it and have concerns about its safety, the answer is even simpler – delete it. You can do this is seconds and there will be no upheaval to any other app or service on your device – your iPhone, iPad or iPod will go back to exactly as it was before you installed the installer. Check out the guide on how to delete Emus4U from your device on the website. In all fairness, Emus4U is used by millions of people the world over and there have been very few problems reported. Those that we have heard of are nothing to do with the app installer itself; instead, they revolve around Untrusted Developer error messages which can easily be fixed. One of the easiest, smoothest and safest of all the Cydia alternatives, you don’t have anything to lose by downloading Emus4U so go ahead and try it; delete it if you don’t like it and follow us on Facebook for more updates.
  21. this cooler design looks awesome. i love this. great , thanks .
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