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  1. Right now I’m running version 1.7 of the old software and it’s perfect. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and look at the config for the new service. It doesn’t look too difficult with a basic understanding of how this stuff works. After I figure the configs out, I’ll switch to the new software probably. I just want want to say thanks. I spent $60 on these fans and for TT’s crap software not to work at all was really frustrating. With yours I have even more control than I did before. Between the software interface and extra control your software is everything that TT’s should have been. The only thing I’m a little upset about loosing is the Razer Chroma sync (but it didn’t work in the first place so in reality, it’s not a problem). Anyway, I’m looking forward to messing around with custom effects and I hope you continue development. 56999160742__BDF7D34A-8724-4BC9-9FA9-79E294BC4C11.MOV
  2. Okay thanks. I’ll be installing later today and I’ll let you know how it goes.
  3. I’m having a very similar, possibly the same problem. If I have the software installed, my PC will freeze up. The mouse moves and it acts like I can click on things but the buttons don’t do anything. After uninstalling in safe mode all problems go away. IF windows runs stable with the software installed the RGB control only works for a few seconds to a few minutes before the effects and speed control just stops. Opening the software, it’s like Windows, all of the buttons are there but the don’t actually do anything
  4. Any chance in #### this software will work with the pure plus fans? I’d appreciate it if you’d check out my thread and let me know if this software would help with my problem. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey, I'm getting frustrated. This my first experience with TT and so far I'm not impressed. I have the Pure Plus 120mm RGB fans. Out of the box, setup was easy hardware wise. After installing the software, I started having problems. For the first 30 seconds, the software runs I'm pleased. Then the RGB effect on the fan stops, as in it freezes in the exact spot it's in. I end the task in task manager and start the software back up. Fine for the first 10 seconds. The RGB works, I'm getting fan speed, but then the fan's RGB freeze again and the RPM numbers freeze too. All of the buttons still work but it's like the program forgot what it's supposed to do. After restarting the computer I get the same results. I checked all of the connections to the included RGB controller and they are all good. From what I can conclude, the connection between the controller and the PC is weak, this is just a guess but that's all I can come up with. Any ideas? Specs: Ryzen 3 2200g ASRock A320-DGS Zotac GTX-1060 3gb 8Gb G.skill Ripjaws 5 2400mhz
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