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  1. this is my very first ever Custom loop btw. so happy on first try everything worked smooth. i HATE TINY screws though i need tiny fingers LOL.
  2. I am building 2 of these monsters first one was for my friend and its delivered already i am building my own as of today will take a weeks time. I will ask for some videos from him with the Party mode in aura software looks so amazing. i did take some demo pictures in all green look enjoy. ARBG from thermaltake is= 13x Pure PLUS 14 fans 2x d5-pr22 PLUS pumps 1x Pacific W5 waterblock rest of the RBG in the pics are from other brands. he had to pick it up personally with my help as its almost 65 kilos and very unhandy and 6k euro u dont wanna drop hehe but its all worth it.
  3. after some time waiting for parts and building my beast for 6k euro it is now alive and all 16 thermaltake products shine so beautiful along with many other lightning effects ARBG madness. and the TT sync boxes worked instantly first time i turned on even with outdated bios. THANK YOU thermaltake Best regards.
  4. i actually forgot also to put in 2x pacific PR22-D5 plus pumps to the setup
  5. if i have 2x 5v RBG headers on my mb is that splitting signal aswell? like is that gonna work
  6. ok thanks for the reply fine with no software i want aura anyway i just cant use water block sensor but no matter.. but i have 2 5v RBG headers on MB why cant i use 2 tt sync controllers? makes no sense.
  7. Hello Thermaltake. i made a setup with some of your products but i need help/confirmation that it will work as intended and can i both use asus aura for the rbg and TT RGB PLUS software (asking as i want to use the waterflow temp in the pacific w5) 2x TT sync controllers 1x pacific W5 waterblock 13x pure plus 14 fans MB is Maximus XI Extreme 2x of 5v and 2x 12v rbg headers.
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