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  1. Wow, carbon fiber tubes, interesting~ I don't know how graphite reacts with metal and coolant, but I'm sure you have done the research. Single loop with 3 reservoirs + pump...fits well with a core p7 (totally not overkill xD).
  2. The tube from cpu block to the reservoir seems a bit odd, add a 90 maybe? Considering a build with distribution block anytime soon?
  3. I'm amazed by the time and effort you put not only in building the PC but also constantly making updates to share your idea with us. The LED-backlit acrylic panel is really innovative but In my opinion, the glow isn't even across (also a bit too bright). I would get a thicker panel (5mm) and have the LED strip on the side. Might cause some interference though so I don't know if this is actually doable. Interesting tube routing, wouldn't it be easier to have just one tube connecting the CPU and GPU block? Might be a good idea to add some dust filters for your 480 rad, it can hide behind your fan covers. A clear blue coolant works better with your reservoir since it is LED lit.
  4. Hey guys:Did a cool build with the core p5 recently.The case itself contains no radiators, nor pumps, they are placed in a separate external radiators+pump unit which I've designed and made using acrylic.The distribution block is also my design and I got someone to custom made it for me.Specs:Cpu: i7 6700GPU: Innon 3d 2080ti ocRAM: 32G Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2666mhz MB: MSI Z170a m7PSU: XFX 1000w platinumCase: Thermaltake core p5 white tempered glass edition.Cooling:Water blocks: Bykski CPU + GPU block.Pumps: EK dual D5Radiators: 4x 200*200mm fridge radiatorsFans: 4x Noctua 200mm FansTubes: soft + rigid. Did run time spy and is surprised how far I got with overclocking the 2080ti (check out graphics score). New version of external rad coming soon~
  5. I've combined the panel connector and support for simplicity, hope you don't mind my modification. Panel Combined.stl
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