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  1. I noticed a similar phenomenon on my PC, that's why I don't really use the app anymore. I just use it to change the RGB settings of the PSU, then I close it in order to prevent the constant hard disk access. I don't know any other PC hardware app (like from Zotac, Corsair or Gigabyte...) that does that, and it is annoying. Are there any news regarding this issue? Is this going to get fixed in a new version of the app? There have been several updates to the app in the last few months, but none have addressed the issue so far...
  2. After some serious experimentation, I found a workaround for this problem myself. If I revert to an old version driver for the ASMedia 1061 SATA Controller (Version from 2012!) I can use my previously disabled drives and the app together. However, my SSD is then not recognized by its maintenance software anymore, so I guess the old driver is missing some features and optimizations. While running the app, I noticed that the program constantly accesses the drive where my the system swap file as well as my temporary files are located. Since I don't know why the app does that and what
  3. Hello, I really hope that I can get some help here regarding this strange issue I am having with my new power supply Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB PLUS 1250W Titanium. It works just like expected, but right after installing the newest DPS G App 3.1.5, suddenly my 2,5" SSD and my DVD drive vanish from my Windows 10 explorer. They are not listed in the device manager anymore and HD Sentinel does not recognize them, yet they are still listed in the BIOS. My system NVMe SSD and my 2 RAID HDDs are still working. I also can't shut down the system properly, as even if the graphics card and the har
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