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  1. Hi ThermalMike I have a problem with the whole RMA situation and riser cable, I only purchased the Thermaltake because of the video I saw with Linus, however, I had no idea about the different Quality cables and frankly why would you even make a cable without shielding. HERE is what I sent an RMA request form RMA Request Number: T130565 Brief description on the issues you are having - ------Extreme amounts of RF/EM interference making my tv blackout or scrambles its signal real bad with this cable installed, and I'm not sure if it is part of the cause however since I installed the cable I have burned up 5 video cards / rebooting issues , never even thought anything about the cable having issues causing problems since I saw Linus talking about Thermaltake Riser cables then I noticed after my problems you sent him premium cables and not all your cables are of the same quality , however I accidentally came across all the problems people are having when someone asked me if I had one installed from all the issues I was having , I replaced several video cards and a motherboard and spent hours/days/weeks, trying to test everything wasting my life trying to get my computer to work, minimum, bare minimum I feel you should give me a refund of the price I paid & send me a premium riser cable ..... 1. Motherboard Make/Model ----- Maximus XI Formula 2. GPU Make/Model ----------- Asus RX-STRIX-590 /Asus RX 580 STRIX T8G / Asus RX580 OC / XFX RX580 / XFX RX 590 / XFX RX 580 GTS3. Your invoice/receipt ORDER DATE: 12/20/2017VIEW & PRINT ORDER DETAILS Order Total: $27.41 Order # XXXXXXXX Thermaltake TT Gaming PCI-E x16 3.0 Black Extender Riser Cable 200mm AC-053-CN1OTN-C1Sold and Shipped by NeweggQty: 1 i received email confirming the RMA however first being told i do not have to send the old cable back ( and that being said in this forum and all throughout the whole RMA process, then I was told that you guys will not do a refund or replace with a better cable and that I had to send the old cable in before they send me out a new same cable. Do you see where I am starting to have a huge issue? first off why am I being told that I have to send in my old cable when the RMA process says I do not, I Spent good money on a garbage cable that you will not refund? and then offer to send me another same Quality garbage cable? why would I want another piece of crap cable? after me spending my personal time trying to diagnose & replace 6 Video cards 2 Motherboards 1 Power supply & RAM diagnosing and me complaining to the Manufactures and waiting for RMA's not being able to play my games for almost a year. I feel I should post this issue on several Social media about how TT treats an issue like this without a refund or upgrade, even though the cost is not a whole lot the problem is your company has affected a lot of people and wasted time of everyone owning this cable & I am surprised there is not any class action as I have heard from some other people.
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