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  1. Jeff, You could have mentioned that in your earlier post rather then make me take the time to post the above screenshots.
  2. Sure, here are screenshots of both the error and then the about screen after I shut down the RGB Plus app and start the DPS app.
  3. I downloaded the new version from the link and I am still having the same problem with the software failing to connect to the power supply.
  4. Shutting down the RGB Plus application and then starting up the DPS app worked for me. However, I hope that this is not a permanent solution and there is a software update in the works. I already have to follow a pattern when I am booting my machine to get the Thermaltake software to function properly and even then it is prone to random crashes. Regardless, thank you Jeff for responding to this thread.
  5. They could at least roll back or link to the prior version of the software. What sucks the most about this DPS app is that, even if you uninstall the #### thing, it leaves a trail that I can't seem to get rid of.
  6. when it works it is nice. I just want to keep it running.
  7. Has anyone figured out if the app will start with Chorma connect enabled? Even if I can miraculously get the scripts to start on waking or restarting, I still have to enable chroma connect every time. Getting this software to work is like herding cats...
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