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  1. Greetings Mike! Could you help me please with my Topic.


  2. Jeez, someone help me with that.
  3. Greetings, I just got the combo kit of 120 riing plus fans with 3 lumi strips and another pack of 3 riing plus 140 fans. The 140 ones are Daisy chained to the first controller. The 140 fans in default mode (without the software started) have a nice color flow, sadly the default mode is not available in the software (change that pls, i really like the default mode) but my lumi strips and my 3 front fans dont show a smooth flow, the LEDs are basically jumping from one LED to Another. When i plug the strip or the fans in my second controller they just work perfect. No jumping or hopping on the LEDs. Unfortunatley neither the strips or fans connected to the second controller are working with the software, the lumi strips show only red color, and yes i enabled the ports, but i guess they have issues becuz the combo controller is different. I ordered another set to test if the controller is an issue, and unfortunately they also hop around with the new one. System is a new Ryzen 2700x Setup, Asus Prime x470-Pro, i heard Tt had Ryzen issues in the past and new controllers with better support are available. Is it possible i tested 2 older controllers?
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