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  1. thanks my issue has been fixed. https://krogerfeedback.nl https://talktosonic.onl https://talktowendys.vip https://whataburgersurvey.onl
  2. Hello, I'm having problems with my riing fans, every time I turn my pc off and turn it back on, I need to manually turn the lights of the riing fans on. The fans itself is turning on with the system but the led lights stays off. https://ometv.onl https://chatroulette.top https://omegle.#### https://bazoocam.cam thanks alexsunny
  3. Hello, I installed two packs of "Riing RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition". (3x 14", 3x 12", 2 controller). Software is the actual version V2.1.0 from 2016-12-07. OS is Windows 10 My problems: - if I set PWD mode and also FAN MODE to silent, the RPMs of all 6 fans are flapping from about 400 to 900 RPM in idle mode. - if I reboot my system and I have an active profile without PWM mode, but FAN MODE at state silent (0%), the fans don't go to 400 PRM, stay rotate with about 900 RPM... if I switch to a profile with PWM the fans slow down and if I switch back to non the PWM profiler the fans work as excepted, but after reboot same behavior as before. New install of the software doesn't work, also a new windows 10 has no effect. thanks iosman
  4. Hello, o, back when I was upgrading my rig in 2012 I didn't know much about PC's and I made the mistake to buy my CPU Cooler from a Chinese brand, that is to say THERMALTAKE, instead of buying from Cooler Master, Corsair, etc basically from anyone else except the Chinese. Like you have heard, in the last few days the world of Personal Computing has been taken by storm by AMD RYZEN. We have seen so far several companies stepping in and offering FREE AMD RYZEN mounting kits for their CPU coolers. That includes Cooler Master, who released a FREE AM4 upgrade kit for their widely popular CPU cooler Hyper 212 Evo. I need to know where THERMALTAKE stands on this issue, so that I can decide for myself whether my next CPU Cooler is going to be a Thermaltake unit or I will just go Coler Master like pretty much everyone and their sister have. My FRIO OCK is 5 years old already, so if you don't offer an upgrade for socket AM4 you are forcing me to retire it, and ofc I will never buy from you again seeing as how pretty much everyone else who owns 10 year old Hyper 212's from Cooler Master is good to go. thanks iosman
  5. Hi, I've recently purchased a thermaltake challenger prime RGB keyboard and mouse combo and I'm very dissapointed with it. It has a problem with the spacebar key, I use my left thumb to press it when typing and most of the times it seems that the space bar registers two keystrokes at once resulting in two spaces between words in the sentences. You can notice this even in this text I'm typing and it's very annoying. I returned the keyboard to the computer shop where I bought it thinking there was something wrong with it and they gave me a brand new one. However the new keyboard has this exact same issue.Ugh. It's a shame really because if it wasn't for that it would be an excellent keyboard. I'd like to ask if there's a way to set up a sofware on Windows 10 that will prevent registering two keystrokes from the space bar at once? I'm thinking of something that will allow me to set up a delay before repeating a character when you keep a key pressed down, but that only applies to a specific key, in this case the spacebar. I don't want to set this delay for every key, only for the spacebar. Doessuch thing exist? thanks iosman ____________________________________________________________ tweakbox tweakbox tweakbox
  6. Hi, I have contacted thermal take many times and have not gotten a response in the past 2 months. I have bought one of yall's keyboards and I have loved it SOOO MUCH!. I bought the Challenger Ultimate. The cord has soon I guess. . . shorted and is not working at all. My question is, how will I buy just another cord and not an entire keyboard. I have looked ALL over the internet and nothing. thanks iosman
  7. Hello, Gone are the days of these hardships if you are someone who find it quite difficult to keep track of your favorite TV shows and series, and want a single solution to keep in track of all the latest happenings on your favorite TV series or to even watch the movie that was out recently. thanks iosman _______________________ 12v Air Compressor
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