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  1. Voted for your countryman in the 2019 CaseMOD Season 2 invitational (Erik Bergwest), and now I vote for you. Jonathan Lightwood, it's in the name 🤣
  2. Nice one Congrats on the completion and good luck in the voting event 👊
  3. It looks awsome Erik, very nicely done! Will you manage the deadline?
  4. Underappreciated in the voting process, but you have my vote! That's a nice piece of work, and I wouldn't mind having that on my desk Good luck, Cheers, Mike.
  5. My vote is for Peter Brands!
  6. From the start I voted Olivier Maillet, and he has not disappointed. So my final vote goes yet again to him, well done and good luck!
  7. I stand behind my choice I made at the very start. Stefan Ulrich (Germany) has my vote
  8. Every time I revisit this topic, you have new pics ​It's coming along quite nicely, can't wait for the finish. You got this
  9. See, that's exactly why I voted for you ​Sleepless nights with a head full of ideas ​It's looking great so far!
  10. I predict: Stefan Ulrich. He looks like he doesn't get much sleep, too many ideas in his head that want to come out and play, build and create with the toys you're going to send him.
  11. Since there's no Dutch or Belgian representatives either I will go with Stefan Ulrich then
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