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  1. Certainly not working as intended. TT Reddit forum is full of the same threads about RGB plus. Not sure how much these forums are moderated though - have you seen the amount of junk posts? Someone posted on Reddit that there is a mention of a new piece of software RGB Plus 2.0 in one of the expo Youtube videos - pinning my hopes that this will fix my issues and not need 3 pieces of separate software rather than one. But I don't have much confidence. It is a shame the amount of effort going into new products rather than fixing what is already out there or ensuring things work prior to release.
  2. Welcome to the world of TT Software. I hope an Admin can help
  3. Have you got the Toughram and RGB Plus software both installed? If so, and it is not working I would uninstall both and then manually delete everything in the C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\TT folder - and then try reinstalling. Good luck! One day I'm sure the software will work as intended, I still more than often have ITake asking me to reupdate the mouse.
  4. TOUGHRAM 1.06 didn't resolve this problem as I tried installing that first. It was the manual deletion of the Roaming files that fixed this. The issue with CPU block is the colours do not match with the static set up in RGB Plus. My photo will probably not show this very well but at least one third of the ring is green and not an even an RGB spectrum. However if I put it on copy color setting instead it fixes this - so definately a software glitch rather than hardware issue. CPU block in static: CPU fixed by using colour copy: Here is a more blatant contrast to show what I mean, the software says: Yet the block comes out with a very small section red and blue and mostly white:
  5. I'll just reply to myself since I had to sort all this out myself. Finally fixed the TOUGHRAM software (I hope, but not much confidence) by uninstalling everything and then manually deleting everything in the C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\TT folder - and then reinstalling. Pretty convinced the RGB Fitting for my CPU block option in RGBPlus is broken as the colours dont seem to match. With my experience of TT so far I'd be fairly confident that this is a software rather than a hardware issue - I guess time will tell. Think I've seen some similar comments on this in the Reddit forums too.
  6. Dear TT, Everytime I use the Toughram software it fails to start up and is left hanging indefinately (see image). Incidently I also have iTake installed for Mouse/Keyboard/Headset, and RGB plus for the fans. Uninstalling all and reinstalling does not fix the issue. Any ideas or suggestions? Was paitently waiting for further software updates to see if a new version fixed it. Thanks in advance.
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