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  1. If the controller isnt working, check device manager. Usually one if not both are stuck in error state. Disable, then re-enable them and they work. Support no longer answers me as Im doing their job for them, rofl. TONY WHY DONT YOU ANSWER ME BRUH
  2. Check the device manager. One controller always seems to be in an error state. Disbale it, then re-enable it, and the software should cath the second controller. No idea why it does this, and I figured this out myself! Hope this helps, let me know!!!
  3. Done. Here is the link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sthzge80kx0zl1h/AABrs1UqcRAfFNJoFdkvPL5Xa?dl=0
  4. Software is trash and they refuse to answer posts, its ridiculous. The USB driver also does recognize on boot half the time, among the other slew of issues. You are not alone.
  5. When it starts, the lights reset to rainbow puke, then go back to the static color. Then when the game ends, again, the lights reset back to rainbow pule, and yet again go back to the static color I have set. Tony P here is another one for you. Can we get one reliable release with no issues? Also, still have to disable and re-enable the USB driver when it does not get recognized on boot, which has been happening for over a year and change now, and I still get the white LED flicker for no reason still. GET ME SOME RELIABLE SOFTWARE HOW MUCH DO I HAVE TO PAY TO MAKE THESE EXPENSIVE #### FANS WORK PROPERLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  6. The fans blink white as well as the VGA, and again, only when your software is open
  7. So the ram issue is fixed, but before when the ram was messed up, it didnt flicker. Now, it randomly flickers white with the software open. If its closed, and its on rainbow puke, it never flickers. Any ideas Tony P? Also, why does the controller become randomly disabled on boot?
  8. Old software caused a flicker, I had to fix everything myself with no help from support. Now 2.0 drops and now my TridentZ RAM goes super fast rainbow puke whenever the new Tt RGB PLus runs. Seriously, get your #### together. Good lord. WHERE ARE YOU AT TONY P?!?!?!?!
  9. After months, and having the newest RGB Plus installed, I started checking device manager. I would open RGB Plus, would get the controller not detected error. Went back into device manager, and saw 2 USB devices in error state. I disabled them, then re-enabled both of them, then pulled RGB Plus back up AND VOILA IT F.UCKING WORKS. I cannot ascertain why sometimes on boot they go into error state, but this fixes it every. Single. Time. I truly hope this works for all of you that have issues, especially since after countless threads of selective answers and outright no answers nearly every time, I can finally use these f.ucking fans the way they are supposed to be. Feel free to reach out if your still having trouble and I'll do the best I can, especially since TT will not ROFL. Have a great day!!!
  10. I completely agree with you good sir. This non existent support is utter trash. Will never buy anything Thermaltake again this is just ridiculous.
  11. Maybe if everyone posts here we might actually get some answers. Too many threads of no answers, no admins and wasted money on software that isnt working, and customer support who never calls back or answers emails. Pathetic. ADMINS WATCH THIS POST ROFL
  12. time to make a master thread of everyone who has software that isnt working since no one answers
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