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  1. We thought for a long time what to do with CORE P5. On his meringues already have a lot of things, from a beautiful, futuristic-up crazy. But I have a principle the ratio of several factors Style / Beauty / Functionality / Practicality. And so the Ultra Tower project “SUPER STREAM” came about. At first there was a very boring drawing with a general concept on which dimensions and layout were adjusted. And it is so unfortunate that the Ultra Tower format in housing construction is forgotten. Everything tends to miniature, but these giants have been completely forgotten .... but we remembered! How do you like Ilon Mask !!! And if you recall the trends of the outgoing 2019, think a bit about how to glue it all together beautifully and make it functional. Then you get the Ultra Tower "SUPER STREAM". And what is noteworthy, not one of the latest Ultra Tower cases falls into these trends.
  2. I want to share my thoughts a bit! Now I'm a little sick, and working on the project is not going as fast as we would like. But there are many thoughts about what this project will be. I’m interested in what he will give not only to me but also to fans of modding and thermaltake. I do not want to make a show a project that cannot be useful and cannot become an ordinary PC. Although at the same time it will be very unusual. I believe that the case is a very unusual and complex base for modding. but this is the whole interest of working with him. I thought which trends are and what's cool right now. Therefore, I make a body kit for the case core P5 "Super-Stream". Above I have shown exemplary drawings, I hope you will soon see more!
  3. Hi, my name is Sergey Mnev. I am a modder from Russia. Below I present a video in which I talk about what lies ahead!
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