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  1. Hi, I have an issue with my riing plus 360 AIO. Recently I noticed the water block lights were acting weird. They would either lock up and not react to the software, half of them would be off while the other half worked were the main problems. There was a new update the other day with the software and now...the water block doesn’t light up at all. I changed what slot they are in on the controller to no avail. I tried connecting the power cord into a different header and that did nothing. The unit is still working as in cooling my system and the 3 fan lights are still working and responding to the software. The water block is still shown as plugged in on the software but I can’t get them to light up and it’s driving me crazy. Can you tell me if I need to send this back for a new one? (Purchased in February of 2019) or should I revert the software to a previous version? Should I try just plugging the fans and water block directly into 5v headers on my mobo? (Asus Maximus apex). Any answer would be great cause I’m pretty close to just tossing it out if it’s not going to work right. I’m also pretty upset that I spent $180 on this for it to work less than a year.
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