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  1. Everyone who digs into water cooling for the first time is always nervous, even with AIO's. However I've noticed a common theme where a lot of people aren't nervous about an AIO leaking, they man-handle them during installation and for some reason just think they're impervious to leaks. So, first things first, don't be nervous. I've built more loops than I can possibly remember, dating back to the early 2000's where the parts available to us were only accessible from aquarium stores and auto parts stores. I've only seen about 3 systems (out of hundreds) actually leak, one of them was due to us
  2. Hey folks, So I just installed my TF2 digital flow meter/water temp in my system. The first thing I noticed is that the flow meter is displaying like 20% of the correct speed. My pump is running around 450-500 l/h however the TF2 is displaying around 80 l/h. I know it's not displaying correct as I've got an analog flow meter in as well and it's flying. I was going to look in TT RGB Plus to see if it was reporting any differently, however the TF2 isn't showing up in TT RGB Plus. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, I tried switching controllers, I tried uninstalling the software
  3. So when I boot my PC, my fans are all RGB colors until the TT software loads, and then my fans go to green like they should. However yesterday I noticed that one of my fans was RGB color, so I went to open the RGB Plus software, and it wasn't running. I tried to run it, and it would close instantly. My fans would take on the proper profile for about 2 seconds, all of the fans would be green and I could hear them ramping up, and then the software would shut off and the fans would go to some weird default. Has anyone come across this? All of my fans are running at a wicked low speed right now an
  4. Hey there, So I am overhauling my PC this week. I bought 3-3 packs of the Pure Plus 12 RGB fans. Each pack comes with one of the controllers. Now before I start ripping my PC apart, I want to make sure I am able to do what I'd like to do. I was flipping through the instruction manual and unless I read it incorrectly, the controller box/s needs to be connected to a USB header. Currently I'm unable to use the USB header (my motherboard only has one ASUS Hero Maximus IX) as my Corsair AIO is hooked up to it. However, I am getting rid of the Corsair AIO so that USB header will available agai
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