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  1. Yes, I recently had to re-install windows, and am now going through this extremely frustrating bug again (with the latest software). It is incredibly lame. I'm 100% going with a different fan manufacturer for my next build, this is ridiculous.
  2. Thanks again for your reply!! I'll be keeping an eye out for both the TT RGB plus update, as well as my eyes peeled for NeonMaker expanded support. I'll be voting as soon as it comes up! Corey who I'm rooting for, and I voted for him in the prediction round. Once the ballot comes online, I'll definitely be voting! thanks again, and I appreciate your patience and understanding.
  3. No worries on the late reply, thanks for replying. Please just report this as a bug. I don't want a work around. Fix your software, please. Is it open sourced? I'd be happy to contribute. I left extremely detailed repro steps, the different versions that I tried, and what all I have tried to get it to work. Any developer worth their salt should be able to take what I've written and be able to find the bug and fix it. NeonMaker doesn't support Riing Trio (really!?) and tt rgb plus is very buggy. I REALLY love your fans, but if this is the state of the software, I'm absolutely not buyiung any more tt products. It's not enough to have hardware that looks cool. If the software doesn't let me do what it advertises, the $300 I spent on fans was such a bad purchase, and I will not be following up on your next line of products due to the very frustrating user experience. Also, what you described is not how your video describes it is supposed to work. Plus, I use the different profiles to switch between RPM speeds, so that I can just hit profile 2 when I want to play a game and let the fans run at max rpm, with pwm in non-gaming mode for profile 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eFb8AjZik0 If there are options for 16 total controllers, then I should absolutely be able to have 1 set of fans be on one setting and another set be on another setting with them overwriting each other. Plus, with this workaround, any time I switch controllers, it still overwrites the other controllers. So I wouldn't be able to use this workaround + have different pwm profiles. I know I'm far from the only person dealing with problems with your software. Any quick reddit search will show scores of folks who can't get the software to work as advertised. Please fix your software.
  4. Thanks so much for your reply!! I tried your suggestion, and it worked, but when I restart my computer, the settings do not persist. I tried clicking "Done" after modifying each setting. How can I get the settings to persist between restarts, while not copying settings between controllers? It would be great if the two functionalities were not tied to the same action.
  5. Wait, the trio is incompatible? When can I use the trio with NeonMaker, because the trio doesn't play well with TT RGB plus, either. I was hoping NeonMaker would make it so that I can finally configure my fan lighting correctly. Could you hop over to this thread and send info to the team? There is no software TT makes that lets me configure my 7 fans on 2 controllers. After spending hundreds of dollars on fans, I gotta say, I was expecting to have a more bug-free experience.
  6. Maximus Hero X [Wi-Fi AC] i7-8700k Windows 10 64 bit (17763.973) Thanks so much for your reply! I am really, really hoping to be able to use NeonMaker, and would love to use the white quad fans in my next build!! Tried NeonMaker v1.0.0, and 1.0.015
  7. Excited to see what you come up with! I'm dying to try neonmaker, but 2 versions of it don't work for me, and a few other people.
  8. I've submitted 2 tickets about their original RGB software not working and got no response. super frustrating.
  9. This is extremely frustrating. Same thing. 5 Trios, and 2 plus fans. Only downloaded because their current software is broken.
  10. I tried using the daisy chain cable instead of the y usb header cable for the second controller, and it didn't fix it. Tried having the first dip switch to 0000, and the second to 0100 and that also didn't do anything. I'll also mention that I originally found the bug on 1.3.0. So this appears to exist on 1.3.0-1.3.2? Fan lighting is extremely central to the entire PC aesthetic and I am very disappointed that I can't have more than 5 settings across 8 products, when you advertise having 80 different settings possible across 80 products (16 controllers * 5 products per controller). @ThermalMike I hear you might have answers?
  11. Hi all, I have the following set up: Software: TT RGB Plus V 1.3.2, F 3.0.1 Controller 1: (dip switch position 0000) Slot 1: 200mm Riing plus case fan Slot 2: 200mm Riing plus case fan Slot 3: 140mm Riing plus case fan Slot 4: 120mm Riing Trio rad fan Slot 5: 120mm Riing Trio rad fan Controller 2: (dip switch position 1000) Slot 1: 140mm Riing Trio rad fan Slot 2: 140mm Riing Trio rad fan Slot 3: 140mm Riing Trio rad fan Whenever I change a setting in one controller, it overwrites the other controller's slot with the same ID. Example: I set Controller 1 Slot 1 to wave. Click save. Controller 1 Slot 1 is wave, but so is Controller 2 Slot 1. So I go to Controller 2 Slot 1 to change it to static, and click save. Now Controller 2 Slot 1 is static, but so is Controller 1 Slot 1. It will do this for any slot 1-3. Obviously it doesn't do it for 4 or 5 because there is only a slot 4 and 5 on controller 1. There seems to be no way for me to have seperate settings for the 2 slots, but why else would I be able to have 2 controllers if there can only be 5 settings at a time? They're even different models of fans (and selected as such in the dropdown). All of them also have unique names. I have them both connected to the same USB header Y-cable that came packaged with the riing trio 3 pack. I have already: Uninstalled and re-installed the software. Did this before installing a new set of Riing Trio 140s. I also wiped the settings folder in AppRoaming. How do I fix this? Has this been seen before?
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