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  1. I have a solution to this problem too... Though mine is a little less drastic and mine is likely warranty friendly. 😀 I have now confirmed that the problem exists in how the MB (bios) senses the DATA line on the header and the TT Controller. They just don't get along. I have not determined if a resistor would solve this.. But simple SPST switch will. Simply splice a switch into the data line (middle of the three wires) that connects the MD to the TT controller During a cold boot (PSU switch OFF) leave the switch open... Launch Aura and now the number of LEDs is editable. Set the number of LEDs to 27 (9 per fan) and then Close the switch and all of the LEDs play. I will post a photo later... though this is dead simple. A bit of a pain... but dead simple. And the board remains unchanged and still does all of the stock light shows if that is desired.
  2. maybe a resistor that could fake the resistance needed to convince Aura that there are 27 (or so) LEDs I'll investigate...
  3. Yup! But in our case (no pun intended) the number of LEDs in Aura under the header that the TT controller is plugged into is LOCKED at "1" (which is probably a closed circuit) or at least very low resistance. If Aura would let us adjust the number of LEDs in this case then this problem could likely be resolved.
  4. My GPU (also on a riser) also loses AURA sync once in a while... Which is super ironic since it is an ASUS 2080 GPU... On my system the GPU comes back in to the list of AURA devices once I cycle the reset on the TT ARGB controller. If that makes sense. Discovered this by complete fluke. There is something weird going on with the AURA software.
  5. In the mean time could we build a simple switch mounted to the back of the case to "unplug" the ARGB header? Any thoughts on which wire I should put the switch on? My gut says "Data" AURA seems to be looking for an open circuit on the Data to let the user adjust the LED count... My thought is this: 1) Power down the PC (swtich off PSU) 2) Via a new mini toggle switch I open the Data wire from the ARGB link between the MB and the TT controller. 3) Boot the PC 4) Launch AURA 5) Adjust the number of LEDs from 120 (since it is an open header) to 27 6) and then close the switch. Would that work?
  6. I probed mine here is what I found.. From Fan 1 DO (Data Out) there is continuity (0 ohms) With Fan 2 DI (Data In) From Fan 2 DO (Data Out) there is continuity (0 ohms) with Fan 3 DI (Data In) From Fan 3 DO (Data Out) there is continuity (0 ohms) with LED OUT D (Data In) All of the Ground pins are share the same bus (continuity) Also on the Ground bus are the "I" pins AND the "-" on the extra Fan connector (labeled "FAN 4) NONE of the DO's go to ground. I hope this helps, let me know what else I can test on my extra controller.
  7. Doesn't work on the TRX40 boards either.
  8. You can add me to the list of RBG controller issues too. My MB is a ASUS Prime TRX40 PRO. Case is a View 37. Same problem as above. Thermaltake sent me a new Controller Board and I sourced a new (better) connector cable Long story short... problem remains. I have tried all of the various combinations. NONE solve the problem. (new board, new cable) (new board old cable) (old board, old cable) (old board new cable) I have also tried all three current versions of the AURA software available from the ASUS web site... Nope. Before I ditch these fans I'm off to the electronics store to try and rewire them into a third party controller. Otherwise I love the case and the airflow and thermals on my Threadripper system is VERY GOOD.
  9. I have now replaced the ARGB cable that goes from the MB to the controller. NOT the cable... problem remains. I have replaced BOTH the cable and the controller... Problem remains
  10. I tried all current versions of Aura from the ASUS site... ALL have the same problem.
  11. Thermaltake sent me out a new controller under warranty... Still broken.
  12. Thermaltake support sent me a new Fan controller board... problem remains. Great Service.. and support.. but the problem remains.
  13. Hi James Thanks for your post. I added the photos to my initial post. A browse of this forum and there seems to be lots a challenges getting the "case ARGB TT hub" with "6 pin fans" to work with the AURA input from the MB. Based on your PM I have reinstalled AURA (there are three versions available from ASUS) I tried clean installs of all three, and all have the same issue ( versions 1.07.66. 1.07.71 and 1.07.79 were tested). Again, only the fan that is plugged in to FAN1 on the TT hub will "play" with AURA the other two fans while spinning are dark. Is there an older (or other) version of AURA that is know to solve this problem? or is the Hub bad?
  14. I have an open ticket with Thermaltake... I will post when I hear... it looks like they ALL work (or don't work) this way. My rig is an AMD Threadripper on a ASUS Prime TRx40-pro board. Case is a View 37
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