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  1. Unfortunately man I need to use two USB 2.0 ports on motherboard. My motherboard has two of these ports. I will use one of chassis fans which can be plugged to it's own controller which can be connected to CHA_FAN on my motherboard. And will also use 6 trio fans that but I only connect just controller to my motherboard. No room for the other!!
  2. Hello any help... what kind of weak community is this... ffss Why don't you explain on guide similar problems like mine @ThermalMike
  3. @ThermalMike can you help plzzz.. i am building my PC and stopped on this step
  4. Hello, I am new on PC. So I have View 71 TG RGB edition case that came with 3 Riing 14 LED RGB fans and a controller. And I also purchased 6 Riing Trio 120mm fans that came with two controllers. I will use all 6 trio fans and use just one of case fans as exhaust fan. How can I make them work? My motherboard is Asus z390e gaming. And my PSU is TT Toughpower grand gold 850w if that helps.
  5. Hello, I have just moved from console to PC and got view 71 RGB 4 tempered glass edition case. I have some that need help from you guys. So the case came with 3 Riing 14 RGB fans and a controller. And I have bought myself another 6 riing trio 120mm fans which have another two controller that are different from the one came with the case. I also have Nzxt Kraken x72 that has 3 120mm non RGB fans. My 1st question is: Can you guys advise me how should I set up all these 12 fans on my case? My 2nd question is: Can I plug my case fans in riing trio controller? So I don't need to mount all three controllers 😕 My last question is: is it okay if put riing trio fans on NZXT radiator? sorry for asking to many questions but I am completely new on PC world and there is no better place than TT community to ask about TT products. Also sorry for my bad English. wish you all happy weekend
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