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  1. Finally here with my final build post. It's been fun and stressful but its done. Thanks to all the sponsors Thermaltake Scan computers Amd Seagate Asus I've put white coolant in added some stickers and some finishing touches I'm happy the way it come out in the end. Good luck to the other competitors in the tt2020casemodchallenge
  2. Hi all back with my weekly update and over the last week iv started to fit the waterloop. I started with the gpu waterblock which I always get nervous doing. When I figured out what way the pipes would run I started bending.when I got all the pipes in i filled with distilled water to test for leakes and clean the system out. Now I've got to adjust the pipe and change the coolant to white. Its getting close now not much left to do so hopefully next week my build will be done.
  3. Finally starting to get some where now iv got all the parts to complete the build. After 4 hours of trying to sort out my cables this is how it looks. Iv also made a mounting plate for my top radiator to help make it fit better and also tried to make look like is floating
  4. I cut the middle out of the back panel welded a frame then added some more sprockets and brake discs and painted it all white then added the screen
  5. Just got my second delivery from scan with more parts. Now I can make some progress
  6. Just about got the front sorted now a clean and touch up then move on to the next bit 20200421_133615.mp4
  7. Iv just welded a bracket up for the bike paddock stand and fitted it but not sure if its staying like that atm.
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