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  1. It still worked the day before yesterday. Today on ios, server disconnect issues. On your computer, the dps app is from the site of the latest version, logged in. Internet work 100%.
  2. Rubix

    DPS G App

    In General, everything is very poorly thought out, you need to fire your engineers. Of the 3 modes, not one is good. 1. Silent(896 rpm) it is very noisy. 2. Max rpm is the turbine of the plane. 3. Passive, this is the stove for my video card, when the power supply stands fan in the case, and when the fan does not suck out hot air, it goes up. Need 4 mode starting from 100 rpm and ending with 1500 at 100% load on the unit. Load 20% = 100 rpm 25%-200 30%-300 35%-400, 40%-500, 45%-600, 50%-700, 55%-800, 60%-900 70%-1000, 75%-1100, 80%-1200, 85%-1300, 90%-1400, 95%-100% maximum.
  3. Rubix

    DPS G App

    The first problem was solved by installing a fan in the housing. But now there was another problem. Why, when in passive mode, the load on the power supply is 35% or higher, the fan immediately turns on at 896 rpm? This is too much, why then passive when I can set silent, which is also 896 rpm.
  4. Rubix

    DPS G App

    not show watts gtx760
  5. this is due to a strong push, the engineers did not think of a soft start.
  6. Rubix

    DPS G App

    You will never learn how to install good fan. In my old tt, I installed noctua the next day because your noise was like a vacuum cleaner. In Thermaltake, the Toughpower DPS RGB 850W Titanium [TSG-0850 D-T] rattles every time you start it in passive mode, and in silent 896 rpm it is very much and noisy. Sorry for my English
  7. Rubix

    DPS G App

    Added fan speed customization function. (Only supports specific digital PSUs). But i need a custom options. I want the fan to always run at 500 rpm. or start in passive mode with 50 degrees instead of 40. Because the fan at the start makes sounds that distract
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