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  1. Recent update V 1.4.0 F 2.0.2 has actually made the problem worse! Instead of polling my hard drives every 4 seconds, it now polls them every second! Removing the HWIFO64.dll files still works as a workaround if you are fine with running your fans at 100% 24/7 which is wildly inefficient, but frankly I would rather wear out the fans early than my hard drives. This is the a real shame as the fans/AIO's themselves are a good value and have good build quality. I recently did a build in one of their new s100 cases and it was a dream to work with but I still feel like Thermaltake always falls shor
  2. It is now 10/17/2020 and I just updated to V 1.3.8 F 2.0.2 and the problem STILL Persists. This system runs my Plex server and hosts 4x mechanical hard drives that I cannot allow to be polled every 4 seconds. If the system ONLY used SSD's this would not be a problem as polling the temperature sensor does not cause any wear on the drives. But I also need to point out what I did not mention in my last post, while this behavior can cause wear on mechanical drives it also uses a TON more power if the drives are constantly spinning and not allowed to go to sleep. This is very irresponsible on so ma
  3. I am also experiencing this issue with TT RGB Plus 1.3.4 as of 05/30/2020. The work around of deleting the HWiNFO DLL files did work for me, but I agree this is ridiculous and should be fixed by Thermaltake. I have been using your products since the day's of the volcano CPU coolers and this problem has made me seriously consider moving to Corsair or NZXT for my next cooling solution. (currently using a Flow Riing 360 Premium Edition)
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