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  1. I'm not to worried about the fans TT fans aren't the best. I am replacing them anyway with the noctua fans. But the fact that the panel doesn't shut without any parts is concerning. Even more concerning if your saying it could sag even more once I put the guts in the case. I was actually wondering if i switch side panels if I could get the main panel to line up properly.
  2. To me the front panel is the side. and the back is the other side you don't look at. As for tilting the door no amount of tilt could can get the glass panel to snap in. The only thing that would get this to snap in is to bend the pin for the hinge of the panel or a replacement. Just disappointed in TT. Current build is in the Thermaltake Xaser III. No issues for three different builds in there.
  3. It is only this one panel. I am hoping TT will replace the TG panel for me. Or does any one know if you can flip the back and front panels. I wouldn't mind as much if this panel was on the back side where I wouldn't remove as much.
  4. Just got my view 71 opened it up and the glass was not cut to the right size. Impossible for the rubber grommet to fit into the tempered glass properly. It was just smashed on. Did anyone else have this issue? Currently very disappointed.
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