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  1. I think the broken kind are the cheapest. Old ones are pretty cheap too.
  2. Core V51 is a great case. Absolutely everything I could want.
  3. Thanx for changing the rules. It's a shame that people have to cheat something which is suppose to be fun for everyone. I think it's only fair to change it to a random pick winner if people are going to hack.
  4. I wanted to do a unique color scheme but i don't see video cards that come in many choices of color. My scheme is just black and what ever color the video card is... Do you know any video card brands that have more colours?
  5. Does that mean you can buy a bronze 750w which performs close to a platinum 600w?
  6. I used a clean nail polish brush to apply mine. Not sure if it was a successful application. Just painting a square in the middle of the CPU and pressed down with the block.
  7. Primer is generally white so it won't affect your paint color as much but it does a lot more than that. Without primer your paint won't stick as well or as long. Primer can also help protect the surface of the object your painting.
  8. How do you guys clean your rigs without a vaccum?? I tried compressed air but I had to take my rig onto the balcony to spray it because of the dust. The compressed air really sends the dust everywhere.
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