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  1. I just wanted to share my experience and hear if anyone else are still suffering from this problem. When i have TT RGB plus software installed on my PC, i experience regular microstutter and i get regular DCP latency spikes from ACPI.sys, as soon as I uninstall TT RGB plus, everything is back to normal and I have a smooth experience! It seems like TT cant be bothered with doing anything about the problem, as most people are either not experiencing issues with the DCP latency spikes, or enough people simply dont realise that TT rgb plus software is halting their performance. I have a high end system (i9-9900k, 3090, nvme SSD and 64 GB 3000mhz ram) I'm also using a Gsync monitor. So to me even the slightest stutter introduced by incompetently programmed bloatware is an eyesore to my experience, I can understand if you already experience microstutter or just have regular low FPS that the stutter introduced by TT rgb plus can be overlooked, but try and download Latency monitor, and see if your DCP latency is also going haywire from ACPI.sys! I have read forum posts all the way back from 2019 describing the problem, and apparently TT arent competent enough, or care enough to help those of us out that suffer. The only "fix" I have found so far is: 1. Not to not have their software installed. 2. Find another RGB software that support TT fans 3. Run TTrgb plus version 1.26 or lower. Sadly tt RGB plus 1.26 does not support the ring trio 20 fans that I bought... and having paid almost 300 doll hairs for my fans, I kinda find it unacceptable that I am now left without RGB controll nor PMW fan controll. Tt has been very unresponsive in my requests for help, their main advice was to return the product to the grocer, the grocer in the meantime wont accept a return or an RMA as the product is functioning "as it should" (mo hardware fault, just bad software) and I ofcourse first realised that TT was the bane of my entire system after having used the fans for 3 months. I hope my post can help others to realise what their problem is sooner rather than later, or that we might shed some light on how many actually suffer from DCP latency spikes due to TT.
  2. How do I deserve to get a response? I bought 4 of these ring trio 20 fans, I paid around 400 usd total... i can't even have the friggin software installed without getting unacceptable dcp latency from ACPI.sys. I have contacted support MULTIPLE times was only granted one response "download the latest software" well guess what, I already have! I get the same problem with Neonmaker... how can you sell this to people, and then not help out or discontinue the product line when It CLEARLY doesn't work as intended. Even if I was willing to take the performance hit from the DCP latency, the software won't save my profiles, goes back to default everytime I reboot, and sometimes one or more controllers just aren't recognized when i boot.... I feel like such a joke opting for Thermaltake, I miss corsair so much, I could almost cry with all the problems my current build has presented me with, but alas EVERY customer support department from ANY other manufacturer than TT have been helpful when I have received an inferior or lackluster product.... I could still be positive towards TT.... but they would seriously have to step up their game, and provide the support I deserve Asap -.-
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